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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Upper Lip Hair – Shave, Wax or Pluck?

Hi all...Sorry for the missing in action recently as I’ve been busy with work and classes and going to physiotherapy...Been having problems with my neck bone L However I don’t want to miss up updating my blog..:)

Anyway today, we are going to talk about removing upper Lips Hair. The question here is, should we shave or should we wax or should we pluck it? I know this question has been asked by most of us... including me as well. I’ve been doing some searching in the web, forum and found quite a few and different answers for it. There are no absolute answers for question.

Here’s some of the info’s that I found and would like to share out with you all.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Review on Colourvue Contact Lens

Hi everyone..Been slightly slow on my blog updates recently as I’m having training for one whole weeks and my MBA course started to get heavy.

Well today I’m going to review on the Colourvue Contact Lens Big Eyes Evening Grey. I’m not sure whether you heard about this brand before…So I’m going to do a short introduction on this brand. Colourvue Lenses are produce by a global contact lens company, Maxvue Vision. All their products are manufactured under strict quality controlled environment with ISO9001, GMP and European CE approved. There are different types of contact lenses brand under Maxvue Vision which is Colourvue, Phantesee and Clear Lenses.

Here’s some of the examples under ColourVue Big Eyes

I bought Evening Gray sometimes ago. I bought this pair for RM 90 which I think is quite affordable. Here’s the picture of me with and without the lens. :) Look how big is the different...Right side look like really tired eyes..Left side, the eyes look big and bright..:)

I have tried a lot of other color contact lens before but never found one as comfortable as this one. My eyes easily dry out. With this contact lens, I can wear up to 6 hours without feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes I even forget I’m actually wearing the contact lens. Colourvue Contact Lenses have high water content 45% and it can last for 3 months with proper care. Most people neglect the importance of proper care cleaning of contact lens and this lead to eyes infection. Here’s the proper guidelines lens care provided by Maxvue vision inside their website.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this contact lens. Would give 4 ❤❤❤❤ out of 5. For comparison, I've done a review on Geo Colour Contact Lens as well. 

Friday, October 28, 2011

How to effectively remove smudged Eyeliner and Mascara

Hi ladies...Finally I can online back...been having problem with my line since last week and didn’t manage to update my blog.

Anyway, in today tips, I will should you how to effectively remove smudge eyeliner or mascara. Ever having this kind of problem when you doing the last touch of your makeup, you release that eyeliner or mascara smudge at the bottom of your eyelid? This time, if you choose to use makeup remover, you will have to put the foundation and concealer again and redraw the eyeshadow or eyeliner. This might not be a big issue if you are not in a rush but what if you are in a rush.

Here’s an easy to complete remove the smudged eyeliner and mascara without removing your foundation of concealer.

Take one cotton bud and apply a drop of liquid foundation (Any liquid foundation will do).

Dip the cotton bud with liquid foundation and use the cotton bud to gently sweep up around the smudged area. Wala! :)..The smudged eyeliner and mascara is gone. Say bye bye to them..

Smudged Eyeliner Removed

Smudged Mascara Removed

Hope the information above help. I learn this at a beauty expo in Penang Pisa Stadium last year.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eyelash Perm

Has anyone heard about Eyelash Perm? It caught my interest as I was browsing thru the deals on the website… I was wandering how they do it…Been doing some Google search and forum searching and here’s what I found.

The Eyelash perm trend first started around 2005 from the idea of hair curling. Most of tools they used for eyelash perm are using Eyelash Perm Rods or Eyelash Perm Clips for the curling (Small, Medium and Large Size) and Perm lotion to keep it permanent for 3 months. Here’s some of the example of eyelash perm method:

Below is some of the information I found from the forum (MalaysianBabes.net and Lowyat.net Forum):

1) You don’t have to apply mascara, false eyelashes every time or using eyelash curler.

2) It can last till 3 months and making your lash look natural curl up.

1. Eyelashes tend to drop easily. Not good for someone which have less eyelashes.

2. A lot of side effects such as eyes swollen, painful after perming.

3. Not suitable for those having short eyelashes.

After watching some of the videos in Youtube regarding eyelash perm, the first thing I came into my mind is one part of the scene in Final Destination 5 where the girl was doing laser eyes...LOL...You can say I’m timid…but to me...it seems dangerous..Especially eyes are one of the most important parts in our life. The information above is just a simple sharing of what I find and learn. Anyway, I think I’ll past this and stick to mascara.:)How about you? Please vote below..Thank you..

Would you Go for Eyelash Perm ?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weight Loss Tips

How many of you are concern about your own body weight? Well...i do…especially when it’s nearer to my wedding day… Nowadays, more and more slimming center is advertising on tv, radio and newspaper on how their centre can help to reduce weight. But most of us can’t afford to pay for the treatment as it’s really expensive.
So we started to search for other alternative to reduce our weight such as skipping our meal, applying slimming product, exercising more and etc..Some methods are good for our body and some are not. Skipping meal is definitely not a good idea in reducing weight and it will bring opposite result.

Below is one small exercise which I usually do before sleeping. For me, it really helps to reduce my weight especially at the thigh area. I draw this myself and please bear with the ugly drawing..T.T

1) The first step you can do is put both your hand on the wall to support yourself. Lift your right leg slightly to the back above the ground. Without touching the ground, lift up and down your right leg for 20 times. Switch side after doing 20 times. (The step helps to lift your buttock)

2) Next, put one side of your hand on the wall to support yourself, and lift one side of your leg up and down. Make sure you are standing straight on the other leg. Repeat the step for around 20 times for left leg. You can increase it when you are use to it. (Helps to reduce and tighten your thigh)

3) The next step is seat on the floor with your hand and leg pointing to the front. Move to the front 10 times by using your buttock to move. While moving, your leg will slide side by side..But make sure it’s close. Try to make sure your back is straight when doing this. Move back using the same step with your buttock 10 times. (If you feel uncomfortable doing this, don’t push yourself. You can skip this step)

Here’s one of the healthy drink that can be use in slimming down:

1. 5 strawberry (rich sources of phenoic antioxidants that aid in weight loss)
2. 1 Orange
3. Half cup of low fat milk
4. 1 spoon of honey
Blend together and add in a few pieces of ice cube if you like it cold.

I manage slim down from 50 kg to 48 kg and maintaining it as of now. Hope this information helps you gals as well.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Review: Kao Biore Makeup Remover

First of all, thank you Biore for giving us the chance to try out the Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip. Today, I’m going do a review on it and at the same time making a comparison between this Liquid Biore Makeup Remover and Biore Makeup Remover Wipes.

The product that I use to review the effectiveness of the Biore Makeup Remover
Liquid and Makeup Remover Wipes:

  • Bourjois Paris Effect Smoky Eyeliner

  • Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

  • Kate Super Sharp Liner

  • Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing

  • 1) Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip

    Steps and Result :
    1) Shake first before using.

    2) Apply onto cotton pad and place at your eyes or lips. Here’s the result of first wipe using the cotton pad on my hand.

    Comment: The first wipe on the mascara and eyeliners, it didn’t really wipe off all the fiber from the mascara and still left a bit of liners mark on my hand. I used two cotton pads for these review. When I did another wipe softly, it removes the mascara and liner thoroughly. After wiping, my hand didn’t show any redness or feeling oily. For eyes and lips, I think this is important that any makeup remover that we use must not cause any redness. This product is gentle for my skin.

    2. Biore Makeup Remover Wipes

    Steps and Result:
    I take one pieces of the cotton wipes and place it around my hand which I draw with mascara and eye liners. Left it for a few second before wiping off. Here’s the result for the first wipe and third wipes.

    Comment: As you can see, from the first wipe, it still left quite a lot of the residue from the eye liners and mascara. After second and third wipe, it manages to clean thoroughly.

    For me, both work well. For Biore Makeup Remover wipes, I will usually use it when I want to do a quick makeup remove. As for the Biore Liquid Makeup Remover, it really helps to clean off the eye and lip makeup and you won’t feel any dryness or redness on your skin.
    Hope this helps :D .

    Friday, October 07, 2011

    Review : Shu uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil

    Its time to review on the Shu uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil. I got this sample last month on one of the Shu uemura sampling event. I choose the Fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil to try out because I have oily combination skin. Been trying it out for one weeks..I have to say I like the product so much. I use it as night cleanser and makeup remover. It does it work well by deep cleansing my pores and clearly remove my makeup without drying my face. Some people might still feel it’s oily even though we rise off and will perform another cleansing using normal cleanser. For me, I didn’t perform double cleanse as I think it’s sufficient enough to clean out the dirt on my face and after rising off, my face feel smooth and refreshing due to its sakuna extract scent…I feel that it has the calming element inside it as its really calm me down and help me to refresh myself after a long hectic days.

    Shu uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil helps to:
    1) Wash away enlarge pores concern by minimizing the pores

    2) Effectively remove makeup and impurities

    3) Eliminate excessive sebum and smoothen the skin surface.

    It comes with two sizes: 150 ml (RM99) and 459ml (RM260)

    Rating : 4.5 out of 5

    Thursday, October 06, 2011

    Cozy and Warmly Peach !

    Recently I’ve been looking for lipstick and brusher that came with peach or coral colors. Feel so addicted and love the colors so much… :D Peach and coral lipstick and blush are suitable for those having light, normal and slightly tan skin tone. It gives out the warm and summer feeling...

    Thursday, September 29, 2011

    Dry Lips or Chapped Lips?

    Having chapped lips or dry lips? Chapped lips or dry lips can be different from minor chapped lips to inflamed lips (which we call Cheilitis). Cheilitis is an inflamed and serious crack condition on the lips which can form around the angles of the mouth or the surrounding of the mouths

    Every woman dreamt to have a perfect, soft and smooth lip. Having serious crapped lips make us feel embarrassed when talking to people and hoping no one would notice it. Apart from that, we can’t apply any lipstick and lip-gloss we want as it will turn out flaky. Why do we have these kind problems? What caused it and How to treat it?

    I use to have serious inflamed lips during my studies in University and it was the worst months for me. I try to avoid talking directly to my friends and didn’t dare to take picture as well. Went to several doctors for treatment and try several methods. I was desperate looking for solution and finally I found the suitable cream (Triderm Schering Plough cream) to treat my lips.

    The doctor told me that my lips could be sensitive towards pesticides spray which was not clean properly when I’m taking my fruits and caused growth of fungus and infection. After apply the cream for 2 to 3 days on my outer lips, it started to heal up. I wouldn’t say this would work on everyone as there are many factors that causing clapped and inflamed lips.


    · Insufficient vitamins such as vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin)

    · Allergic sensitive to cosmetic products

    · Excessive exposure to sunlight.
    Treatment and Methods to keep your lips healthy and beautiful.
    · For minor inflame lips: you can try to use traditional Chinese tea + salts. Make a very small cup of traditional Chinese tea and add in some salts to it. Use a cotton pad and apply it you lips before you sleeps. You might feel as bit stingy on your lips. The salts can help to reduce inflammation and prevent itchiness. In traditional Chinese medicine, tea can be used to reduce inflammation as well.

    · Apply Treatment lip balm. I find Mentholatum therapy lipbalm and supersoft treatment lipbalm work well for me...it deeply moisture my lips and effectively relief my dry lips.

    · Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables but avoid citrus fruits as it may lead to dry lips

    Tuesday, September 27, 2011

    Today Skin Whitening Trends

    Today more and more people are moving towards skin whitening. Some even went for skin bleaching to reach the pale white skin. A lot of skincare brands such as loreal, estee lauder, SKII started to produce wide range of whitening product starting with whitening cleanser, whitening toner, whitening moisture and even whitening mask.

    Is Whitening product suitable for all skin types and does it bring any side effect? The questions have been asked by most of us when buying a whitening product. Most of the whitening product would state “suitable for all skin type”. How true is this? In this article, I will go thru oily skin type.

    Oily Skin type – Oily skin type are more prompt to have acne and pimples as they got clogs easily with the excessive oil. I’ve come across some salesperson telling me, even we have oily skin, we can still use whitening product as it helps to reduces redness and brighten up your skin. Happily I buy the product, but after a few days…I end up with more pimples popping up.

    Question 1: Are the salesperson lying to us?

    Answer: I’ve read several articles and forum, some people review that the whitening product they bought really did help them to reduce the uneven skin tone with no breakout even having oily skin. Therefore it could be due to the different brands we bought.

    Question 2: Why do we have breakout after apply whitening product?

    Answer: Some products might have active ingredients which not suitable for our skins and causes pimples to erupt. The best way to apply once you bought the whitening product is to apply on partial of your face for one week. If it doesn’t cause any breakout, then you can apply on the whole face.

    Suggestion: It is suggested by skin expect, having oily skin, its better we use serum type of moisturizer instead of cream type. Brands that having whitening serum is Estee Lauder Advanced night repair whitening serum, Clinique Skin tone Corrector, Kose Shirosumi Whitening serum.

    You don’t have to be really white to look beautiful, having a healthy skin can make you more radiant and shine ~~

    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    Changing your hair bangs/fringe

    Thinking of changing your bangs style after having the same bang for quite some times...Here are some of the tips that can be used to change center bangs to side swept bangs or blunts bangs which is very popular nowadays.
    Follow steps by step and you can get the desire bang you want.

    1) After washing your hair, blow dries your bang with hair dryer to the front until you can’t see your original parting.
    2) Then blow each side of the bang from inwards to outwards so that It won’t stick to one side.

    3) You will notice now your bangs won’t have any parting. This is when you can style your bang. After parting to the desire side apply styling spray and slightly blow it to make it more lasting.

    Below is one of hairstyle that I’ll like to share out with you all. This hair style is from one of the book that I bought during the book fair last month. Will share out more from time to time. Stay tune.

    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Reducing Pimples and Acne using Eskinol

    How to successfully reduce the redness of your pimples in three days? Well..Today I will introduce to you a product name ESKINOL which mixed with Dalacin C. Dalacin C contain active ingredient clindamycin hydrochloride which is an antibiotic medicine. I’m not sure whether anyone of you heard about this cleanser but it has been with me for four years when I fighting over my acnes. I’ve severe acnes problems in my high school and that time I didn’t know anything about skin care. Some of relatives or friends saw my acnes problem introduce a few products and ask me to go for dermatologist, but it didn’t help much.

    FINALLY one of my friends introduced me a product name ESKINOL. I heard about the product long time ago but never try it out. WHY? Well first…it’s because the pricing of this product is really cheap costing only RM 7 225ml (which make you think that this must some sort of lousy product) and second it’s only selling at some local old cheap drugstore. So finally I give it a try. I went to the pharmancy to buy one bottle and mixed it with Dalacin C..Surprisingly this product really work well for me…I never have any severe acne since I started using it and it has become one of my MUST-HAVE item. Now I use it as toner and only when I have pimples. It helps to reduce the redness and clear out the pimples in a very short time.

    There are 6 type of ESKINOL and all have different roles:

    1) Papaya Naturals – enriched with natural skin lightening properties of real papaya and thoroughly removes dirt and excess oil.

    2) Avocado Naturals – enriched with vitamins A and E which help to maintain skins moisture

    3) Lemon - enriched with lemon essence oil which remove unwanted dirt and oil.

    4) Cucumber Naturals – contain real cucumber ingredients for a naturally cool and refreshed skin

    5) Calamansi - Helps to whiten skin and prevent pimples

    6) Classic Whitening – effectively deep cleanses your skin to whiten your skins.

    In order for it to be really effective, REMEMBER to mixed the product with Dalacin C which can be bought at any pharmacy store. This product original doesn’t have any Dalacin C in it. 1 bottle of 225ml Eskinol can mix with 300mgs Dalacin C.

    Method of using it:

    1) Apply it on a cotton pad and wipe on the affect area only. Used it after cleaning your face. Suggested not to apply anything after applying it.

    2) Used it on during day and night if the acnes or pimples are severe. Reduce using after pimples started to clear out.

    Hope the information above help those having acne and pimples problems.

    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    Get Rid of Blackhead

    Most of us which includes men are having blackhead problem nowadays especially at the nose area and we tend to ignore it thinking no one would notice it from far away. Imaging that on a perfect romantic date, everything went well, you and your date are about to kiss.

    Suddenly she or he stop because they can’t help noticing the “obvious” blackhead on your nose and feel gross about it. NOW at this moment, you will definitely feel embarrass and blame yourself for not taking these blackhead seriously.

    How does blackhead form? Well blackhead is a plug of sebum will clog at our skin pores and turn black when oxidized after leaving for quite some times. After a long period of time, blackhead can actually lead to pimples growth. According to the skin expert, blackhead is the first stage of acne/pimples forming before the bacteria occupy the pores of our skin. Therefore it’s important to clean out /remove out the blackhead before they develop to pimples. Some people think those blackheads are more common for those with oily skin. It’s true..But from my opinion, for the blackheads that grow on oily skin are sometimes easier to remove compare to dry skin. I myself is oily and combination skin. It’s easy for me to remove my blackheads that grow on my nose by simply using blackhead extractor. My sister even question me a lot of times asking me how I remove my blackhead. My husband has dry skin and he has a LOTS of blackhead on his nose and it’s very hard to remove even with extractor.

    Below are a few methods that can be used to remove the blackhead on nose:

    1) Remove the blackhead using a blackhead extractor. It’s encourage remove the blackhead after taking your warm bath or place slightly warm towel on your nose for approximately 5 – 10 min to soften the blackheads. DO NOT uses your hand directly to extract out the blackhead as it can cause infection and do remember to clean and disinfect your extractor after using.

    2) Using Egg White as a natural ingredient. Some people can’t stand the smell of the egg white. You can try to add some honey and a bit of lemon juice to egg white that has been beaten foamy. Apply the ingredient to a small piece of normal oil control film paper and softly place the paper on your nose and press a little. After that wait for it to dry and slightly pull the paper from bottom up. Use both of your hand to hold each side of the paper while removing. Do this once a week.

    Currently we have a lot of skin care product in market which can help to control or prevent blackhead or whitehead. Here’s a list of the suggested product that be used :

    a) Shiseido The Skincare Purifying Mask - it’s a rise off facial mask that helps to absorb sebum and impurities while minimizing pores.

    b) Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliator Cream – this exfoliator gently lifts of dead cells and deeply cleanses pores. It’s suitable for sensitive skin as well.

    c) Clinique Pore Minimizer Refining Serum – it keeps pores clears of dead skin cells and help to tighten pore walls.

    Feel free to drop comment and share out more suggestion ^^

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Tutorial on Makeup Brushes

    In this article, i'm going to summarize out all the information about makeup brushes. When buying a makeup brush sets, it is important to feel the quality of the fibres the brushes are make of..especially those who have sensitive skins..There are many types of makeup brush and each of them having different functionality. Most of us don't have any idea which brush to use when it came to applying foundation, eye shadow, contouring..etc...Hope the information below help you all find the right brush during Makeup.

    From here, i'll go one by one on what is the function of each different brush.
    1) In order to get a natural flawless look and no heavy weight of the foundation on your skin, it is recommended to use a foundation brush. There are two types of foundation brush ( Brush for liquid form and Brush for Powder form). To apply liquid type of foundation, choose the brush which have more bristle and compact where for power type of foundation, you can choose brush which are soft and loose. This brush can also be used for blusher brush.

    2) Contouring brush usually have an angled round shape and appear to be a bit loose like powder foundation brush.It is used for cheek contouring to shape and sculpt your face.

    3) There are quite few size of shader brush. Shader brush is use to apply and blending of eye shadow. Usually if we buy a large makeup brush set such as 24 pcs, it will have 3 to 4 types of shader brush with different size and shape. However each of them having quite similar functionality.

    < style="font-family:verdana;">4) Precision brush (Lower Lid brush) is used to apply eye shadow to the eye lower lid. Some of us don't know which brush to use, that we use the normal shader brush to apply for lower lid causing quite a mess especially if the eye shadow is dark color, we end up with "panda" eyes.

    5) Most of the eyeliner gel come with an eyeliner brush. It is use to draw a precise and even line. The eyeline brush can also be use on liquid type eyeliner product. There're two types of liner brush, a straight tipped liner brush and bent liner brush. Both can be use to apply eyeliner but some find straight tipped liner brush tend to block your view when you applying the liner whereas for bent liner brush, we have better view of what you are drawing.

    6) After applying all the foundation and eyeshadows, sometimes we have fallen eyeshadow on our face, this is when we use the fan brush. Fan brush takes off or dust off fallen eyeshadow from our face.

    Friday, November 05, 2010

    Kose Vital Purity Range and Honey Blends

    First of all..thanks to Kose Nature & Co for organizing this workshop and to let us know more detail of their product..^^..Nature & Co came up with wide range of products including skin care and hair care which really surprise me as i didn't know that they have hair care product as well... The latest products are the Vital Purity range and Honey Blend.

    Vital Purity Skin Care range ( Don't you just love the colours ~^^)

    Honey Blend Range

    The nice things is that we were given chance to try out their products...^^ We start out with our hair first...The Honey Blend consists of Honey Blend Hair Treatment, Honey Blend Body Soap, Honey Blend Shampoo and Honey Blend Smooth Hair mist..Now i'm really amaze with these..I can't really try out the shampoo and hair treatment as we don't have any shower room provided at the hotel..^^ but the scent is really nice..sweet..I did try on the Honey Blend Hair mist though..it smoothen my hair..especially the split end... Those with frizzy hair should really try out this as it help to replenishes the hair moisture keep your hair shine and smooth.

    Next we continue on with our face..We start out with the Pure white Cleansing milk...The cleansing milk can be wiped off or rised off..depend on each preference. It help to remove makeup and dirt without leaving your skin dry. After cleansing, follow by the Masks..we were given two choice to choose based on our skin type and condition..i choose the Vital Purity Lift Mask as it helps to reduce dullness..it was really nice with Lavender scent..Very relaxing...While waiting for the mask to dry, Relax yourself for 5 min...and when you feel like the mask is drying out, it's timeto clean off the mask..The mask have anti-oxidant, firming and whitening effect..^^
    After cleaning off the mask, it's time to put on the Lotion or we can say toner...I choose the Vital Purity Lotion as well..i really like the scent a lot...You have to put on the toner using the cotton as it's more hygenic..Vital Purity Lotion have moisturizing effect and have antioxidant action. Next follow by the Essence ( Pure Essence C) from the Pure White range..the essence it not very creamy, it's light and easily absorb into our skin...We do a little massage on our face to help the essence fully absord...After putting on the essence, is the Moisturizer..There's two type of Moisturizer...Pure White Milky Lotion Light and Pure White Milky Lotion Rich...I go for the Light as my skin is acne prone type..i don't want it too be too heavy for the skin..When putting on the Moisturizer, we're suggested to used Cotton as well..(hm..this is the first time i heard about using cotton for moisturizer as well..),,Finally..is the Sunblock..this is the most important and we should never leave our house without this...the sunblock here to prevent the UV from directly attacking our skin..Apply the sunblock on your neck as well..^^..After all these steps..my face feel refreshing..*^^
    Last but no the the least...the Body Lotion..! \(^.^)/ We have the chance to try out the Three Butter Series..The range come with Three Butter Face & Body Lotion, Three butter Face & Body Balm, Three Butter Hand & Nail Care and Three Butter Lip Balm...this lipbalm is great...it smoothen out my cracked lip...My lip feel smooth for whole day...thumbs up for this..! Will definitely buy this..
    The Nature & Co teams were very helpful during the workshop..they assist and explain to us in the detail the usage of the product and how we should choose based on our skin type..During the registration, we were given this packet of goodies...Yippee~Natural & Co is so generous..In the packages, it have two sachlet of Vital Purity Lift Mask..Woohoo..and Several Pure White Lotion Light..

    The pricing is quite affordable...and you can get these from Watsons..Here's the website for more info about the product ranges..Nature & Co...It's in chinese..i'm trying to find the english website though..I've a great day and really enjoy and pampered myself that days..THANKS to Nature & Co ...
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