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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ume Skin Analyzer Review

Ever wander how is your skin condition? Is the skin dry or oily and izzit healthy ? Usually by knowing this, we can only determine what skin care products can help to improve our skin and have healthy skin. 

I know that my skin is very oily but don't know what's causing it. I can only check my skin condition with the skin analyzer machine at the skin care counter when I'm buying something from the counter from time to time. :( 

TODAY....HAHA..I going to introduce to you and do a simple review on a tool which I just bought..It's Ume skin analyzer. Its a small and cute tool that help me to analyse and understand my skin better anytime and anywhere. I order this tool from a clinic and bought it at RM 92. 

skin analyzer

They have two colour to select. Pink and White. I bought the pink colour one Y^^Y. 

This tool is very simple to use. With just three steps, I can directly measured and know my skin water content. With this tool, it help me to understand my skin Moisture, what is the water percentage, the Oiliness (skin type) and Roughness of my skin (dead cell thickness). One thing about this skin analyzer is that I can bring it anywhere as it's very small. Another thing is that with this tool, I can know which products help my skin. I can measure the skin before applying the product and re-measured my skin again after applying the product. 

This is my skin condition. :( As you can see, it's in terrible condition. I haven been doing my mask recently. What does this measurement tell me? It's telling me my skin is very dry with only 34% of water content and my skin is rough. This is not good!!!! RED ALERT!! Need to do more mask ..

Overall I think this beauty product it's worth to invest  :). 

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Review Cellnique Skin Purifying Daytime Protection 20

Hello gal ^^ Wish you all Happy New Year 2013. Its starting of a brand new year. Have you all set your goal for this year? I've set mine. By end of this year, I want to achieve flawless skin

In order to achieve 2013 goal, I've change my skincare routine. One of the item which I added to my skincare routine is Sunblock as it protect my skin from been damaged by the sunlight when I went outdoor. All the while I never use sunblock is because I think sunblock is  too oily for my skin as I have acne prone skin and felt it would congested my skin. However after I started to use Cellnique product two month ago for my acne, I get to know  that they have sunblock product as well, Skin Purifying Daytime Protection 20. I was keen to try-out but at the same time scare it might cause more breakout.

 I asked one of my friend who used this product. Her skin is also pimple prone skin. So far she haven see any breakout from using it. So I decided to give it a try. I would like to thank Cellnique for giving me this opportunity to try out their sunblock. Here's my honest review of it.

Cellnique Skin Purifying Daytime Protection 20 come with a pump head applicator which I think is quite hygienic. I've been using this product for two week before doing this review. Throughout the two week, I don't have any severe breakout.  ( which I think this is an important point for any people that have acne skin). Apart from that one thing that amaze me is it doesn't feel heavy/appear oily on my face. 

As stated inside the product description, this product is suitable for oily, acne-prone skin. Unlike normal sunblock, this product provide the below advantages which I personally felt it 's working as what it mention. 

 Kills the bacteria P.acnes that causes acne infection.  ( Acne seems less inflame during my one week application) 
• Prevents breakouts. ( No major breakout seem during two week application)
• Reduces inflammation caused by acne.
• Anti- irritant. ( Skin doesn't appear redness after application) 

Apart from these, it work as natural foundation to cover my acne mark. Although it doesn't provide full coverage but minimum enough to make my skin look natural.  It doesn't appear greyish or felt thickish. You won't felt anything on your face.  I use one pump for whole face and only apply it during daytime. 

Overall, I'm quite satisfy with this product. Above is all my personal review and experience on the product during the two week application. Will continue using it. :) 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

ModBox Beauty Box : December Edition

Hi all...Today I've just receive my December edition Modbox. I'm so happy. Upon receiving the parcel , I directly unwrap it..:)  I would like to thanks Modbox and Jessying  for the early Christmas present. 

Modbox  is a beauty box subscription service in Malaysia and it has just launched recently. What is so special about Modbox ? Well the concept of it is very simple. The box promise to help us discover and enable us to try out new beauty products. It help us to spice up our beauty routine. Instead of spend hour and hours of time looking thru beauty products review, with just RM19 per month only, we can get to try out most of the new beauty products ourselves and guess what, the it's directly delivered to our front door! 

Here's it is, the first Modbox, December Edition  :) Cutely wrap up with the snowman hair clip.  The hair clip is so adorable. Just suitable for my little niece to put on her hair duringChristmas.  The box come together with 6 items ( 5 sample size item and 1 full size item) and 2 discount voucher. The box come with skin care, body care, hair care and make-up products. It's definitely worthy. With this box, I can pamper myself with all the products. 

 I will try to review some of the items in the coming posts. Overall, I just love the box. Suitable for someone like me ( beauty junkies) ;p 
If you are tempted, don't wait anymore as the number of boxes are limited, click on to their website Modbox right now and join in  to be part of their member and sit back and relax while waiting for the box to be delivered to your door step.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 Review

Is you skin hunger for hydration and nourishment? Are you looking for lightening and anti-aging solution? All of these can be solve with just one product which is Vaseline healthy white  perfect 10.  :) 

Looking at the product description, this product provide our skin with 10 benefits and is clinically proven to provide visibly radiant and naturally lighter the skin tone in as early as 2 weeks. 

1. Help to improve skin lightening.                          
2. Even out our skin tone
3. Provide UVA & UVB protection
4. Reduce dark mark
5. Act to boost up our skin radiance
6. Help to tighten and let our skin appear firmer
7. Reduce fine lines
8. Promote skin renewal
9. Provide intense skin moisturization
10. Deep nourishment for our skin. 

The reason i bought this lotion is because i desperately need hydration for my hands. As my working environment is mostly in air-con room, most of the time I feel the skin on my palm tighten upI've been using this product for one week, I can feel my hand more hydrated, soft and the skin doesn't feel like tearing up. It have become one of my essential item in the office. 

I like the scent of the lotion as it make me think about roses. Apart from that, the bottle colour is Pink ! Pink colour is most girl favourite. >,<. Overall, I think this product is worth buying as it's not so expensive and we can get it at most drug store. And the most important thing is it provide all the necessary vitamins and protection to our skin. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Face Lift Mask Review

Hi all...Today I’m going to review on the Kiss Japan Electric Ore Peptide Firming Duo Lifting Mask which I bought a couple of months ago..This mask is well known in Taiwan for lifting and firming. I just manage to try it out last week. This mask is suitable for all skin types.

What’s the function of this Mask?
1) With the “turning back time lifting”, it helps to firm and lift up your skin to create more 3D look.

2) Prevent your skin from aging and moisture your skin.

The packaging stated

Whitening ★★★★★
Moisturizing ★★★★
Tightening ★★★★★
Absorption ★★★★★
Fitting ★★★★★

Method of using:

Pros:1. The thing I like about this mask is it’s not so watery.
2. Skin appears smooth and pore tightens after applying.
3. Have ear-hook wrap for face and neck.
4. For the pricing of the mask, it’s not too expensive.

Cons:1. For me, the mask size is a bit small for me as I can’t hook the mask to my ear. My face is too big T.T. I think most of the people should be able to hook it to the ears.

2. After applying for 15 minutes and wash it off, I didn’t really see any lifting effect as mention by the mask. Maybe it’s because I use it for one time only. Not sure it will create a lifting effect if I continue using the mask for one month.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Friday, October 07, 2011

Review : Shu uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil

Its time to review on the Shu uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil. I got this sample last month on one of the Shu uemura sampling event. I choose the Fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil to try out because I have oily combination skin. Been trying it out for one weeks..I have to say I like the product so much. I use it as night cleanser and makeup remover. It does it work well by deep cleansing my pores and clearly remove my makeup without drying my face. Some people might still feel it’s oily even though we rise off and will perform another cleansing using normal cleanser. For me, I didn’t perform double cleanse as I think it’s sufficient enough to clean out the dirt on my face and after rising off, my face feel smooth and refreshing due to its sakuna extract scent…I feel that it has the calming element inside it as its really calm me down and help me to refresh myself after a long hectic days.

Shu uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil helps to:
1) Wash away enlarge pores concern by minimizing the pores

2) Effectively remove makeup and impurities

3) Eliminate excessive sebum and smoothen the skin surface.

It comes with two sizes: 150 ml (RM99) and 459ml (RM260)

Rating : 4.5 out of 5

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reducing Pimples and Acne using Eskinol

How to successfully reduce the redness of your pimples in three days? Well..Today I will introduce to you a product name ESKINOL which mixed with Dalacin C. Dalacin C contain active ingredient clindamycin hydrochloride which is an antibiotic medicine. I’m not sure whether anyone of you heard about this cleanser but it has been with me for four years when I fighting over my acnes. I’ve severe acnes problems in my high school and that time I didn’t know anything about skin care. Some of relatives or friends saw my acnes problem introduce a few products and ask me to go for dermatologist, but it didn’t help much.

FINALLY one of my friends introduced me a product name ESKINOL. I heard about the product long time ago but never try it out. WHY? Well first…it’s because the pricing of this product is really cheap costing only RM 7 225ml (which make you think that this must some sort of lousy product) and second it’s only selling at some local old cheap drugstore. So finally I give it a try. I went to the pharmancy to buy one bottle and mixed it with Dalacin C..Surprisingly this product really work well for me…I never have any severe acne since I started using it and it has become one of my MUST-HAVE item. Now I use it as toner and only when I have pimples. It helps to reduce the redness and clear out the pimples in a very short time.

There are 6 type of ESKINOL and all have different roles:

1) Papaya Naturals – enriched with natural skin lightening properties of real papaya and thoroughly removes dirt and excess oil.

2) Avocado Naturals – enriched with vitamins A and E which help to maintain skins moisture

3) Lemon - enriched with lemon essence oil which remove unwanted dirt and oil.

4) Cucumber Naturals – contain real cucumber ingredients for a naturally cool and refreshed skin

5) Calamansi - Helps to whiten skin and prevent pimples

6) Classic Whitening – effectively deep cleanses your skin to whiten your skins.

In order for it to be really effective, REMEMBER to mixed the product with Dalacin C which can be bought at any pharmacy store. This product original doesn’t have any Dalacin C in it. 1 bottle of 225ml Eskinol can mix with 300mgs Dalacin C.

Method of using it:

1) Apply it on a cotton pad and wipe on the affect area only. Used it after cleaning your face. Suggested not to apply anything after applying it.

2) Used it on during day and night if the acnes or pimples are severe. Reduce using after pimples started to clear out.

Hope the information above help those having acne and pimples problems.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get Rid of Blackhead

Most of us which includes men are having blackhead problem nowadays especially at the nose area and we tend to ignore it thinking no one would notice it from far away. Imaging that on a perfect romantic date, everything went well, you and your date are about to kiss.

Suddenly she or he stop because they can’t help noticing the “obvious” blackhead on your nose and feel gross about it. NOW at this moment, you will definitely feel embarrass and blame yourself for not taking these blackhead seriously.

How does blackhead form? Well blackhead is a plug of sebum will clog at our skin pores and turn black when oxidized after leaving for quite some times. After a long period of time, blackhead can actually lead to pimples growth. According to the skin expert, blackhead is the first stage of acne/pimples forming before the bacteria occupy the pores of our skin. Therefore it’s important to clean out /remove out the blackhead before they develop to pimples. Some people think those blackheads are more common for those with oily skin. It’s true..But from my opinion, for the blackheads that grow on oily skin are sometimes easier to remove compare to dry skin. I myself is oily and combination skin. It’s easy for me to remove my blackheads that grow on my nose by simply using blackhead extractor. My sister even question me a lot of times asking me how I remove my blackhead. My husband has dry skin and he has a LOTS of blackhead on his nose and it’s very hard to remove even with extractor.

Below are a few methods that can be used to remove the blackhead on nose:

1) Remove the blackhead using a blackhead extractor. It’s encourage remove the blackhead after taking your warm bath or place slightly warm towel on your nose for approximately 5 – 10 min to soften the blackheads. DO NOT uses your hand directly to extract out the blackhead as it can cause infection and do remember to clean and disinfect your extractor after using.

2) Using Egg White as a natural ingredient. Some people can’t stand the smell of the egg white. You can try to add some honey and a bit of lemon juice to egg white that has been beaten foamy. Apply the ingredient to a small piece of normal oil control film paper and softly place the paper on your nose and press a little. After that wait for it to dry and slightly pull the paper from bottom up. Use both of your hand to hold each side of the paper while removing. Do this once a week.

Currently we have a lot of skin care product in market which can help to control or prevent blackhead or whitehead. Here’s a list of the suggested product that be used :

a) Shiseido The Skincare Purifying Mask - it’s a rise off facial mask that helps to absorb sebum and impurities while minimizing pores.

b) Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliator Cream – this exfoliator gently lifts of dead cells and deeply cleanses pores. It’s suitable for sensitive skin as well.

c) Clinique Pore Minimizer Refining Serum – it keeps pores clears of dead skin cells and help to tighten pore walls.

Feel free to drop comment and share out more suggestion ^^

Friday, November 05, 2010

Kose Vital Purity Range and Honey Blends

First of all..thanks to Kose Nature & Co for organizing this workshop and to let us know more detail of their product..^^..Nature & Co came up with wide range of products including skin care and hair care which really surprise me as i didn't know that they have hair care product as well... The latest products are the Vital Purity range and Honey Blend.

Vital Purity Skin Care range ( Don't you just love the colours ~^^)

Honey Blend Range

The nice things is that we were given chance to try out their products...^^ We start out with our hair first...The Honey Blend consists of Honey Blend Hair Treatment, Honey Blend Body Soap, Honey Blend Shampoo and Honey Blend Smooth Hair mist..Now i'm really amaze with these..I can't really try out the shampoo and hair treatment as we don't have any shower room provided at the hotel..^^ but the scent is really nice..sweet..I did try on the Honey Blend Hair mist though..it smoothen my hair..especially the split end... Those with frizzy hair should really try out this as it help to replenishes the hair moisture keep your hair shine and smooth.

Next we continue on with our face..We start out with the Pure white Cleansing milk...The cleansing milk can be wiped off or rised off..depend on each preference. It help to remove makeup and dirt without leaving your skin dry. After cleansing, follow by the Masks..we were given two choice to choose based on our skin type and condition..i choose the Vital Purity Lift Mask as it helps to reduce dullness..it was really nice with Lavender scent..Very relaxing...While waiting for the mask to dry, Relax yourself for 5 min...and when you feel like the mask is drying out, it's timeto clean off the mask..The mask have anti-oxidant, firming and whitening effect..^^
After cleaning off the mask, it's time to put on the Lotion or we can say toner...I choose the Vital Purity Lotion as well..i really like the scent a lot...You have to put on the toner using the cotton as it's more hygenic..Vital Purity Lotion have moisturizing effect and have antioxidant action. Next follow by the Essence ( Pure Essence C) from the Pure White range..the essence it not very creamy, it's light and easily absorb into our skin...We do a little massage on our face to help the essence fully absord...After putting on the essence, is the Moisturizer..There's two type of Moisturizer...Pure White Milky Lotion Light and Pure White Milky Lotion Rich...I go for the Light as my skin is acne prone type..i don't want it too be too heavy for the skin..When putting on the Moisturizer, we're suggested to used Cotton as well..(hm..this is the first time i heard about using cotton for moisturizer as well..),,Finally..is the Sunblock..this is the most important and we should never leave our house without this...the sunblock here to prevent the UV from directly attacking our skin..Apply the sunblock on your neck as well..^^..After all these steps..my face feel refreshing..*^^
Last but no the the least...the Body Lotion..! \(^.^)/ We have the chance to try out the Three Butter Series..The range come with Three Butter Face & Body Lotion, Three butter Face & Body Balm, Three Butter Hand & Nail Care and Three Butter Lip Balm...this lipbalm is great...it smoothen out my cracked lip...My lip feel smooth for whole day...thumbs up for this..! Will definitely buy this..
The Nature & Co teams were very helpful during the workshop..they assist and explain to us in the detail the usage of the product and how we should choose based on our skin type..During the registration, we were given this packet of goodies...Yippee~Natural & Co is so generous..In the packages, it have two sachlet of Vital Purity Lift Mask..Woohoo..and Several Pure White Lotion Light..

The pricing is quite affordable...and you can get these from Watsons..Here's the website for more info about the product ranges..Nature & Co...It's in chinese..i'm trying to find the english website though..I've a great day and really enjoy and pampered myself that days..THANKS to Nature & Co ...

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Skin Food Peach Sake Toner Review ~~~♥

It's time to review on the SkinFood Peach Sake Toner. I just bought these a few weeks ago and been trying it for a while...i can't really remember the price of the toner...but they give me two samples ( SkinFood Argania Sebum Control Ampoule & SkinFood Peach Sake Pore Serum) to try out. As my skin is combination Oily, i will mostly focus on moisturing and controlling the greasiness.
The SkinFood Peach Sake Toner do the job for me...^^. The major function of this toner is for pore care. It helps to remove greasiness due to enlarged pores and excessive sebum. This toner is make from "sake" traditional Japanese wine brewed with rigidly with selected rice, peach extract with vitamin A and C. I like the scent of it. It's really refreshing and sweet. Especially early in the morning when you apply it, you will feel refreshing.
I usually apply it at morning before going to work. It really help controlling the oil and my face feel less oily in the afternoon time. For better result, you can go with the SkinFood Peach Sake pore serum. You won't regret trying this. ^^
Review Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Faceshop Ying Mask Sheet Review

Today I just tried on the Dioscoreae Rhizoma Japanese Cornel Mask from The Faceshop. The function of this mask is to provide hydration and cell regeneration. The main ingredient consists of Dioscorease Rhizoma and Japanese Cornel. Though it's make from chinese medicine herbs, it doesn't have any strong smell of the herbs rather it smell pretty relaxing. Try to put it in the refrigerator before applying. It has cooling effect. The imperial herb mask come with 5 different type which is Flow mask sheet, Qi (Energy) Mask Sheet, Spirit Mask Sheet, Yang Mask Sheet and Ying Mask sheet. Each have different functions. There're sequence you need to follow for better effect. I bought five of these masks. You need to apply the Ying Mask Sheet first. I will review on the second mask ( Yang Sheet Mask ) once i try it out next week. ^^

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Freebies from Aveda~~

Browse thru the web and found Aveda is giving out Free “lavishly sized” sample of Aveda Hand Relief.
I'm not very familiar with this product and in Malaysia, its only available at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. :(
For more details of this product, please click Aveda . Its better to look thru the product first before trying it.
This is the first time i heard about this brand. Just have a sneak peak at the website, this brand not only came out with skin care product, but also make up and hair styling product.

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Faceshop White Tree Vita Force Serum ~~

I purchase these for about one month from The Faceshop..I was looking for whitening cream to reduce the appearance of my scar..They introduce White Tree Vita Force Serum and White Three Vita Force Eye Serum.
I like the scent pretty much..its smell natural and nice especially when you put in on early morning, you'll feel refreshing. I'm not sure about the function of it as i haven see much changes on my skin except a few pimples popping out..T.T This would be more recommended for those who have normal skin type..It meant to brightens, clarifies, hydrates, and evens out skin tone.
As for the Eye serum, it work fine for me..it's oil-free and not creamy..I'm not sure about others eye cream/serum, this doesn't create any excessive oil spot around the eyes area..It helps to hydrates and revitalizes eye areas to reduce dark circle while protecting against environments.
Overall rating would be: ♥♥♥ out of five.

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