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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jelly Bunny at Gurney Paragon Penang

Gurney Paragon

The second outlet of Jelly Bunny store in Penang has open at Gurney Paragon and I was happy to be invited by Jelly Bunny to join their grand opening on 23 November 2013. The store open at 10 am but when I reach there around 9.30 am, there's a long queue of people queueing in front of the store to redeem their free Jelly Bunny shoes. :) The shop is colourfully decorated and well organize. The staffs are friendly as well. 

 Customer queuing at the counter to redeem their free Jelly Bunny Shoes :) 

 * Free cupcake for all the customers * YUMMY * 

Jelly Bunny is a stylish shoes brand that is introduced by Injected Republic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd, in 2011. Jelly bunny  offer stylish and comfortable way of shoes with it's semi-transparent material - Jelly-like sheen  and wide range of  wonderful colours and design choices to choose from. 

There are Jelly Bunny shoes and Bags which Imported from Brazil and shoes and bag that are made in Bangkok, Thailand but both offer great design choices. The only difference is the price but all at affordable price :)   They have limited stock  for Jelly Bunny Brazilian bags and shoes. You need to grab it fast if you saw any bags or shoes you like from these section and there's no repeat order for each design. They will come with new design once the current stock finish. 

 Doesn't these shoes look great . Love the cushioning on the base of the shoes
It's very comfortable. One great thing about Jelly Bunny shoes is that you won't find any extremely strong rubber smell. Jelly Bunny shoes come with a light vanilla scent :) 

These shoes are just way too sexy :) 

Love the pastel colours on the bags. It came with matching shoes as well !

Jelly bunny offer different types of shoes from slippers to high heels. 

Jelly Bunny Watch :) 

Me going crazy over the shoes :) Having a hard time to pick which one I wan =="" 

Manage to take a photo with Annie, GM of Jelly Bunny  :) She is really friendly and she look gorgeous.  

Thanks Jelly Bunny, Shila and her team for the invitation. I've a great time at Jelly Bunny Store. Apart from that, We get to choose a pair of complimentary shoes from Jelly Bunny *Yippee* Love the shoes so much :) My husband give me a pass to buy another Jelly Bunny shoe. So I went back home with two Jelly Bunny Shoes. Wahaha

* Ptsss..Here's a secret, Just in case you miss out the promotion during their opening, They having a Christmas promotion coming up. So do stay tune on their FB page for update :) 

For more Information of Jelly Bunny, You can visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MyJellyBunny 

or their Website

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