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Friday, September 05, 2014

Hishop Review: Deoproce Snail Mask

I must admit that i'm quite a lazy person when it get to taking care of my skin as I always tends to skip doing mask...with excuses like " too tired" , " I'll do it next day" which eventually lead to another next day and on going..LoL..Anyway, today I'll like to do a mask review on Deoproce Snail Mask..Thank you Hishop for this great giveaway and provide me the opportunity to try out this mask and review on it. 

I know the first thing that come into your mind is the word "Snail". When we talk about snail, it's always slimy and yuckz :) but never did we know that they can bring so much benefits like helping in skin cell regeneration, repair and promote skin elasticity and smoothness. 

The facial sheet mask help to shield our skin surface with a protective layer which increases our skin temperature. This layer helps to prevents the moisture from escaping and at the same time revive, nourish, soften and oxygenated our skin. The concentrated extract on the cotton mask have a very soft herbal aromatherapy scent which provide me with relaxing experience especially when I'm tired after whole day looking after my son and dealing with his tantrums (=.=). Please ignore my aunty look..

How to apply the Mask: 

·        Cleanse your face with  cleansing foam and rinse your face with lot of warm water. Even if you don't put on makeup, your facial skin is still exposed to the dirt and pollution in the air which will only clog our pores.
·       Good idea to open the pores so that when you apply the facial mask, all the nutrition is immediately absorbed into your face.
·       Open by peeling the sachet and apply a face mask sheet by pressing it across the face, avoiding sensitive areas such as eyes and mouth.  
·      Wait for of 15 to 20 minutes for the nutrition to absorb in the skin.
·      Remove and gently patting or massage your face with the remaining essence to enhance deeper absorption into your skin.

After applying, my face feel refreshing and moisture. Before applying the mask, my skin moisture is only 36%. After the mask, my skin moisture increase by 4%.

Good news to my reader. You can get 15% rebate by using the discount code below, so don't wait. Shop now :) 

Voucher Code: JENNLING

For more info, you can visit 

Till then


Thursday, September 04, 2014

Baby Boba Wrap Review

Hello Everyone..for those parent out there, today i would like to introduce to you a great baby wrap which help me solve a lot of problems. It's Baby Boba Wrap. 

Getting into parenting world tough..and some of us even give up going out during the weekend as it's really very difficult when your baby want hug hug most of the time =.= Ever since Little J reach 3 month, his weight increase a lot. Compare to when he is newborn, now he weight 6.5 kg. The worst part is he want people to hold him most of the time (=.=). When we bring him out to do some grocery shopping, we try to put him inside the stroller and the longest time he can stay inside the stroller is 10 min, after that he will start to call for people to hold him. My husband and I will take turn hold him and we can't really do any shopping. 

This is when i start to search high and low for baby carrier so that we can carry him around and at the same time do our grocery shopping. This is when i found Baby Boba Wrap. I bought this wrap from Baby Paradise at RM139. Previously i bought a ring sling but Little J just don't like to be inside the ring sling and keep pushing when I have him in cradle and kangaroo style. But with Boba Wrap, he just lie there quietly and enjoy looking around. 

What's good about this wrap? Well i tell you, the best part of this wrap is that you can do your baby wearing hands free. The Baby Boba Wrap is made from unique fabric blend which is very comfortable for me and my baby. With this wrap, i can easily calm and sooth my baby when he is crying and he can easily fall asleep in the wrap as he can feel our warmth, movement and heartbeat. Mother's heartbeat is the best when come to soothing baby. :) The baby wrap can support baby weight from 7 to 35 lbs while evenly distributing the weight of my baby. My husband say we can even use this wrap as scarf. :) The simple design of the wrap make it buckles and button free. 

This is me ( aunty look) doing my grocery shopping while Little J sleeping soundly inside the wrap until mouth open wide..LOL.

As i just started using the wrap, i'm trying to figure a way for me the breastfeed my baby inside this wrap. Will update you guy if I successful breastfeed him in wrap :) .

Till then


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