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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Experience with MrLens

Hello guys and girls ♥♥

I bet most of us that wearing spec sometimes wish we could do a little makeover when attending wedding dinners or any events. Most of the gals i think would choose to wear contact lenses during this events as it helps to make our eyes appear attractive and brighter. Whenever come to buying contact lenses, the first thing that came into our mind is where to buy and how to make sure the lenses are authentic especially when we choose to buy online.

So today, let me introduce you to one of the most trusted, safe and largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe and now available in Asia too. Drum roll~~ Tada~~The online site which i'm talking about here is MrLens.   Not only they sale contact lenses, their product available range from cleaners, sunglasses and correction glasses. They provide the highest quality eye-care products, professional service, fast delivery at the most affordable prices with a user friendly online interface. 

 Thank you to The Butterfly Project and MrLens for giving me a chance to join The Butterfly Project Blogging 101 Chapter 10 ! ♥♥ So now let me show you my experience in buying colour contact lens with MrLens. :) 


To start shopping at MrLens, first go to their URL http://www.mrlens.com.my/. If you are first time customer, you can sign up as their new customer following the step below. 


Next fill in all your detail for the registration as below:

After complete the registration, you can start selecting the items you want from the left column. For me, i want to purchase colored lenses. ;) After selecting the contact lenses I want, the next step is to select the power I need for my contact lenses and click " Add to cart " after I've finalize all the powers for the lenses.

After complete adding the items to the cart, you can confirm back the items you add by clicking "Currently In Your Shopping Cart " . If the items and quantity are correct, you can proceed to Checkout your items. 

Now, you're close to getting your items. Just follow a few more steps. :) After Checkout the items, the page will bring you to confirm your delivery information. Make sure all the shipping address is correct. You can key in any gift/promo voucher if you have one at the Credit Available box. 

shipping address

Upon confirming all the Delivery information, click next to proceed to Payment Information. In the Payment Information, you need to confirm your billing address and choose which payment method to use to make the payment.

Once you have select the payment method, next is to Confirm your payment and order items.

And Wala ~~ :) You have completed your purchases from MrLens. To check back the status of your order, click " My Account" at the right top side corner of  website and click My Order Tab


The order status will be update once the items have been shipped out. You can check the shipping tracking number by clicking " View Order" from the My Orders tab. 

Now ..you just have to seat back and wait for your items to be delivered to your door step. :) The whole ordering process is easy and hassle free. For those staying in Klang Valley, MrLens provide free delivery and whereas those staying of outside Klang Valley and other places, a small delivery fee will be charged based on the place you stay.

I made the ordering on Thursday and receive my lenses on Saturday by Poslaju. It was quite a fast delivery :) So why trouble yourself driving out , stuck in traffic jam while you can just seat at home and with a simple click you can purchase the lenses and have it delivered to your house :) 


Here's the lenses that I've purchase from MrLens. I'll be doing a review on these lenses in the coming posts. So stay tune :) In the mean time, you can visit my other post which i review on the Colourvue contact lenses evening grey

For more information, You can visit MrLens website or their facebook:

Website: http://www.mrlens.com.my/en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrLens.my


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jelly Bunny at Gurney Paragon Penang

Gurney Paragon

The second outlet of Jelly Bunny store in Penang has open at Gurney Paragon and I was happy to be invited by Jelly Bunny to join their grand opening on 23 November 2013. The store open at 10 am but when I reach there around 9.30 am, there's a long queue of people queueing in front of the store to redeem their free Jelly Bunny shoes. :) The shop is colourfully decorated and well organize. The staffs are friendly as well. 

 Customer queuing at the counter to redeem their free Jelly Bunny Shoes :) 

 * Free cupcake for all the customers * YUMMY * 

Jelly Bunny is a stylish shoes brand that is introduced by Injected Republic (Thailand) Co.,Ltd, in 2011. Jelly bunny  offer stylish and comfortable way of shoes with it's semi-transparent material - Jelly-like sheen  and wide range of  wonderful colours and design choices to choose from. 

There are Jelly Bunny shoes and Bags which Imported from Brazil and shoes and bag that are made in Bangkok, Thailand but both offer great design choices. The only difference is the price but all at affordable price :)   They have limited stock  for Jelly Bunny Brazilian bags and shoes. You need to grab it fast if you saw any bags or shoes you like from these section and there's no repeat order for each design. They will come with new design once the current stock finish. 

 Doesn't these shoes look great . Love the cushioning on the base of the shoes
It's very comfortable. One great thing about Jelly Bunny shoes is that you won't find any extremely strong rubber smell. Jelly Bunny shoes come with a light vanilla scent :) 

These shoes are just way too sexy :) 

Love the pastel colours on the bags. It came with matching shoes as well !

Jelly bunny offer different types of shoes from slippers to high heels. 

Jelly Bunny Watch :) 

Me going crazy over the shoes :) Having a hard time to pick which one I wan =="" 

Manage to take a photo with Annie, GM of Jelly Bunny  :) She is really friendly and she look gorgeous.  

Thanks Jelly Bunny, Shila and her team for the invitation. I've a great time at Jelly Bunny Store. Apart from that, We get to choose a pair of complimentary shoes from Jelly Bunny *Yippee* Love the shoes so much :) My husband give me a pass to buy another Jelly Bunny shoe. So I went back home with two Jelly Bunny Shoes. Wahaha

* Ptsss..Here's a secret, Just in case you miss out the promotion during their opening, They having a Christmas promotion coming up. So do stay tune on their FB page for update :) 

For more Information of Jelly Bunny, You can visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MyJellyBunny 

or their Website

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sirius Sonic Skin Care System Review


Hello dearies..  ✿◕  ◕✿     Today I'll be reviewing on Sirius Sonic Skincare System. I bought it last year but haven got the time to review it. I'm not sure whether you all heard of this device before...but I'm pretty sure most of you all know Clarisonic Skin Care right? Well, Sirius Sonic Skincare System have almost similar function as Clarisonic but with huge price different. Sirius Sonic Skincare System is way cheaper. After reading thru several review on Clarisonic, I wanted to get one Clarisonic myself, but it's really quite pricey. I can't get myself to pay for it. So I search high and low for other brands that have almost the same functionality as Clarisonic and prices that is within my budget. And then here I was, I found Sirius Sonic Skincare System. I bought it for RM 150. 


sirius beauty

Sirius Sonic Skincare System is one of the beauty device by Sirius Beauty. Sirius Beauty state this is the only sonic skincare system that have 5 interchangeable heads designed to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and tone

skincare brush

Each of the head have different functions as below:

Cleanse - Provide deep and gentle cleansing. It help to remove dirt residue on our face 2x better and makeup removal 6x better.
Exfoliate - Gently buff away dead skin cells and sweep away impurities and clear our skin pores.
Hydrate - Achieve deeper penetration of products into our skin with 50% greater absorption of nutrients.
Tone - Plump and tighten our facial muscles for more defined jaw lines and cheekbones. 

I usually use the cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate head. For the sonic brush cleanse head, it really help to deep cleanse my face better than I use hand own hand. The way the device function is it's moving back and forth in oscillating motion. My face doesn't get irritated when using it. There's a booklet guide inside the box which guide us on how many second we should spend cleansing our forehead, nose, cheek and chin. You need to keep track on the second you spend on each section yourself, which I think is quite hard. As for the exfoliate head, I use it once a week as I don't want to over exfoliate my skin. Same as the cleanse head, after using it, my skin pores look smaller. I'm not sure whether this is my imagination or what :) but my skin feel refresh. After using the exfoliate, I use the hydrate head to apply my moisturizer. One thing I question myself is that, won't the moisturizer be mostly absorb by the sponge before reaching my face ? So I seldom use the sponge. Overall, I think the sonic brush cleanse head does the better work than the rest of the head. I usually use Sirius Sonic at night.

The device itself is easy to use. Two button, either on or off. When you turn it one, you can feel it oscillating. Its like very small and fast vibration. If you feel that the oscillation is getting slower or weaker, you can easily change the battery. It's using AA battery. I would suggest to buy a rechargeable battery. 

Based on my overall experience,  there're pros and cons. It depend what you want and your budget. For me, I think Sirius Sonic Skincare system does the work and it's not pricey. It's worth to invest. What do you think? Feel free to share with me :) 


Monday, August 19, 2013

Geo Magic Color Lens from Glasses Online Malaysia

[Sponsored Review]

Hello to all my readers :) 

Are you looking for contact lenses , stylish glasses and sunglasses to spice up your look during this season especially with all the occasion coming end of this year ? Don't worry..:) let me introduce to you Glasses Online Malaysia - the largest online retailer for branded eyewear products. 

Glasses Online Malaysia offer a wide range of high quality glasses frame, contact lenses, and branded sunglasses such as Gucci, Ray ban, Giorgio Armani and etc  with 100% Authentic Guarentee. With just few clicks from your computer, you can own these precious lenses, glasses and sunglasses to be deliver to your door step. They offer free shipping nationwide and with a 30 day return policy.  You can visit their Facebook site here ♥♥  for more info and update. 

Thank you Glasses Online for giving me the opportunity to join in their Ambassador program and sending me two pair of Geo Color Contact Lens for review. I've always wanted to do a review on the Geo color contact lenses since my last review on ColourVue color contact lens. Everyone is raving about Geo color contact lenses on how it appear natural and comfortable. So I was tempted as well. No doubt, I was also attracted by their range of colors and design. So for this review, I choose Geo Magic Color CM-835 Grey. 

Before using any contact lens, it's important to check on the authenticity of the lenses as you all know that, in the market now we have a lot of fake contact lens which can cause damage to our eyes.

 I've verify my contact lens number on the Geo medical offical website and its proven to be authentic. Here's the link for the authenticity verification on your geo contact lens verification. This is me before wearing the colour contact lens. Always appear sleepy..No matter how hard i try to widen my eyes to make myself look energetic, it just doesn't work.. :( 

TADA...this is me after wearing the Geo colour contact lens. :) Can you see the different ? I look more energetic right :) Even without eyes makeup, it's still able to make my eyes tired eyes look refreshed and big. When wearing it for a few hours, my eyes doesn't feel uncomfortable. But in compare to Colourvue moisture retention, Geo colour contact lens might feel a bit dry if you wear more than 5 hours but in term of price, Geo colour contact lens is only RM 30 Per pair which is quite cheap.:) 

Now, here's the good news. To all my readers, you will entitle a RM 20 off your purchase with a minimum expenditure of RM 100 on any product (contact lenses, sunglasses or glasses) by just key in the voucher code below. 


The Voucher code is : GOcherry20
The gift voucher is valid till 31 August.

Hope you all enjoy your shopping at Glasses Online Malaysia ♥

Friday, November 05, 2010

Kose Vital Purity Range and Honey Blends

First of all..thanks to Kose Nature & Co for organizing this workshop and to let us know more detail of their product..^^..Nature & Co came up with wide range of products including skin care and hair care which really surprise me as i didn't know that they have hair care product as well... The latest products are the Vital Purity range and Honey Blend.

Vital Purity Skin Care range ( Don't you just love the colours ~^^)

Honey Blend Range

The nice things is that we were given chance to try out their products...^^ We start out with our hair first...The Honey Blend consists of Honey Blend Hair Treatment, Honey Blend Body Soap, Honey Blend Shampoo and Honey Blend Smooth Hair mist..Now i'm really amaze with these..I can't really try out the shampoo and hair treatment as we don't have any shower room provided at the hotel..^^ but the scent is really nice..sweet..I did try on the Honey Blend Hair mist though..it smoothen my hair..especially the split end... Those with frizzy hair should really try out this as it help to replenishes the hair moisture keep your hair shine and smooth.

Next we continue on with our face..We start out with the Pure white Cleansing milk...The cleansing milk can be wiped off or rised off..depend on each preference. It help to remove makeup and dirt without leaving your skin dry. After cleansing, follow by the Masks..we were given two choice to choose based on our skin type and condition..i choose the Vital Purity Lift Mask as it helps to reduce dullness..it was really nice with Lavender scent..Very relaxing...While waiting for the mask to dry, Relax yourself for 5 min...and when you feel like the mask is drying out, it's timeto clean off the mask..The mask have anti-oxidant, firming and whitening effect..^^
After cleaning off the mask, it's time to put on the Lotion or we can say toner...I choose the Vital Purity Lotion as well..i really like the scent a lot...You have to put on the toner using the cotton as it's more hygenic..Vital Purity Lotion have moisturizing effect and have antioxidant action. Next follow by the Essence ( Pure Essence C) from the Pure White range..the essence it not very creamy, it's light and easily absorb into our skin...We do a little massage on our face to help the essence fully absord...After putting on the essence, is the Moisturizer..There's two type of Moisturizer...Pure White Milky Lotion Light and Pure White Milky Lotion Rich...I go for the Light as my skin is acne prone type..i don't want it too be too heavy for the skin..When putting on the Moisturizer, we're suggested to used Cotton as well..(hm..this is the first time i heard about using cotton for moisturizer as well..),,Finally..is the Sunblock..this is the most important and we should never leave our house without this...the sunblock here to prevent the UV from directly attacking our skin..Apply the sunblock on your neck as well..^^..After all these steps..my face feel refreshing..*^^
Last but no the the least...the Body Lotion..! \(^.^)/ We have the chance to try out the Three Butter Series..The range come with Three Butter Face & Body Lotion, Three butter Face & Body Balm, Three Butter Hand & Nail Care and Three Butter Lip Balm...this lipbalm is great...it smoothen out my cracked lip...My lip feel smooth for whole day...thumbs up for this..! Will definitely buy this..
The Nature & Co teams were very helpful during the workshop..they assist and explain to us in the detail the usage of the product and how we should choose based on our skin type..During the registration, we were given this packet of goodies...Yippee~Natural & Co is so generous..In the packages, it have two sachlet of Vital Purity Lift Mask..Woohoo..and Several Pure White Lotion Light..

The pricing is quite affordable...and you can get these from Watsons..Here's the website for more info about the product ranges..Nature & Co...It's in chinese..i'm trying to find the english website though..I've a great day and really enjoy and pampered myself that days..THANKS to Nature & Co ...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Schwarzkopf BC Moisture Kick Review~

I just bought this last week at Gurney Plaza, Penang for only RM18 ++. The original price was RM48. There's a big sales offering from 50% to 70% for all the hair care product. I try this out the next day after i bought it. The smell was really nice and it easy to apply. It leaves my hair soft even i dry my hair with the hair dryer. As i often straighten my hair with the straightener, my hair is pretty dry and coarse. With this, it work out fine. I could see the different right after my hair dry.
The functions of the BC Moisture Kick act as a leave-in conditioner and use to restore back the moisture of our hair. This Moisture spray conditioner is suitable for dry and naturally coarse hair. Before using you need to shake to mix the 2 phases together. The moisture kick contain two phases. The white phase smoothes dry hair and the blue phase contain pro-vitamin B5 which can moisture the hair.
Thumbs up for this product ^O^
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