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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Triple Milled Soap Review

Every since my pregnancy in first trimester, my nose started sensitive towards different types of scent from soaps and perfume. So during my trimester, i change almost all my shampoo and body soap. This is when i started to notice and started using Crabtree & Evelyn soap. While screening thru the shelf, The Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater triple milled soap caught my attention as the scent is very natural. 

Even just from the packaging, you can slightly smell the light rose scent.

Product Desription:  The soap is enriched with moisturizing blend of Rosa Centifolia water, glycerine, Rose Moschata Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Wheat Germ Oil. These fragrant triple milled soap sumptuously soften and lightly scented our skin. 

When you lathered the soap on your body, it create a very creamy lather foam and super nice rose smell ♥♥ The fragrant is not too overwhelming but enough to make you feel relax after a long day. The scent can last thru whole night if you take bath before sleep. It doesn't dry out your skin but help to keep my skin moisturized. 

 One box contain three soap bar. Each bar i think can last for about half to one month depend on how frequent you use it. I bought it for RM 68 at Crabtree & Evelyn shop at Gurney Plaza. Overall I love these soap bar and will consider repurchase it again once finish as the pricing might be slightly pricey for me :)

Till Then


Friday, May 16, 2014

Carousell - Get free 3 month Fashion & Beauty Magazine Subscription

Good morning everyone and Happy Friday ♥♥ Today i have a GREAT deal to share with you all...Have you heard of Carousell before ? Well to tell the truth, this is the first time i know about this app. 

Carousell, Malaysia’s fastest growing lifestyle marketplace app, which lets you sell off  your preloved items easily in less than 30 seconds! You can do it by simply snapping a photo, upload it with a description, and it’ll be up in the Carousell marketplace app immediately and made available to fellow fashion and beauty enthusiasts who are always on the hunt for great bargains! 

Now Carousell has expanded its partnership with SPH Magazines via its subsidiary with Blu Inc Media to bring over 1.6 million fashion and beauty sales listings to the digital editions of selected magazines in Malaysia. The titles include Female, EH!, Cleo,and Glam. 

To celebrate this expanded collaboration, Carousell and SPH Magazines are running a 3-for-3 giveaway. List 3 fashion and beauty items on Carousell for sale, and get free 3 months of digital magazine subscription by SPH Magazines.

To get the awesome free subscription, simply follow 3 easy steps:

1. Download the Carousell app + Sign up for a Carousell account (or Log in)
2. Post 3 listings* in the ‘For Her’ or ‘Beauty Products’ category 
3. Wait for your redemption code & instructions on how to redeem your free subscription!

Carousell is available for download on both iPhone and Android.

For more details about the giveaway, visit their blog:

*Listings must be uploaded between 7 May 2014 to 28 May 2014. Redemption code and

instructions will be sent to you after 28 May 2014.

So don't wait come and join me as i'll be adding in my listings as well in Carousell :) 

Till Then

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The Bake & Brew Cafe, Penang Street

Hello everyone..How's your weekend? Hope you have a nice weekend..♥♥ As for me, i manage to explore a few new cafe which I never went before on the weekend. Today i'm going to introduce to you a new cafe, The Bake & Brew. Saw their banner hanging on the side of the street a few weeks ago. They just newly open.

We reach the cafe around 10.30 am and the shop has just open up. They allow us to went inside the shop to look at the menu first and ordering at 11 pm. The cafe is very spacious and nicely decorated. As it's just newly open, you can still smell a bit of the paint scent.

The cafe served western brunch, afternoon tea and dinner. They have wide range of pastry, cakes to choose from as well.

Here's some of the lists of foods available for ordering in their menu. I would say for me, the price might be slightly higher a bit but the food are worthy trying if you are exploring new foods :)

 ♥ Take note on the ordering time for main food for Brunch and Dinner ♥

I ordered their Classic English Fish and Chip and my husband ordered Slow Roasted Chicken Thigh. We didn't order their drinks as we just had our coconut drinks and our stomach is still full with coconut drink ==

 Slow Roasted Chicken Thigh ( RM 19.90 )

Classic English Fish and Chip ( RM 19.90 )

The potions are just right. I finish everything except for the mushy pea (the greenish stuff in the picture) as it taste like chewy gum..==. I did ask my husband to finish it, but he can't stand the taste as well..lol...As for my husband potion, the chicken thigh might be slightly over cook as it's a bit hard..but it's still taste nice. 

As we just manage to try out two foods only, overall i would give the rating as below:

Food Taste : ♥♥♥♥ out of 6
Pricing :♥♥♥ of out 6
Service: ♥♥♥♥♥ out of 6

Here's the location of the cafe if you would like to try it out yourself :) 

Address: 20E, Lebuh Penang, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
Opening Time : 11 am - 10 pm ( Selection of main food for Brunch is from 11 am till 3 pm and for Dinner is from 6 pm to 10 pm )

Friday, May 02, 2014

Eastern Wishes Cafe

Hello everyone :) How's your labor day ? Hope you have enjoy the day off as well even it's just one day :) . Well today, i'm going to introduce to you one of my favorite Thai restaurant. Actually I hardly eat spicy food but only this restaurant I just can't resist going and you will see why :)


Eastern Wishes Cafe is located at i-Avenue which is just a few shops away from PBA. The cafe serve Nanyang and Thai cuisine foods. Once you enter the cafe, it's very cozy and comfortable and the waitress are very friendly. 

Thai Restaurant


They got wide range of foods to choose from starting from appetizer, bean curd, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables, soup, dessert and etc. Here's a roughly capture of the menu.The prices are all reasonable. 

I went to the cafe just a few day ago to satisfy my tom yam craving :). We order a few dishes. These pictures are all compile up from my few visit to the restaurant. Usually I would order three dishes only as it was just me and my husband going. 

Seafood Otak-Otak (RM 13.00)

Butter Chicken Chop (RM 10.00)

Seafood Tomyam Soup (RM 13.00)

Stir fried Vege (RM7.00)


I love the cendol so much. It just so creamy and the flavor are just right. Not too sweet. As for the tom yam soup..it's one of my must order dish..:) I can still withstand the spiciness. Overall this restaurant is worth going. :) and you should try it out yourself. 

Here's the detail location of Eastern Wishes Cafe:
1-1-49, I-Avenue, 
Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, 
11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.

Opening Hours:
Weekday 10.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-9.30pm
Weekend 10.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-9.30pm 
Closed on Monday

Till Then..

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