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Thursday, December 13, 2012

ModBox Beauty Box : December Edition

Hi all...Today I've just receive my December edition Modbox. I'm so happy. Upon receiving the parcel , I directly unwrap it..:)  I would like to thanks Modbox and Jessying  for the early Christmas present. 

Modbox  is a beauty box subscription service in Malaysia and it has just launched recently. What is so special about Modbox ? Well the concept of it is very simple. The box promise to help us discover and enable us to try out new beauty products. It help us to spice up our beauty routine. Instead of spend hour and hours of time looking thru beauty products review, with just RM19 per month only, we can get to try out most of the new beauty products ourselves and guess what, the it's directly delivered to our front door! 

Here's it is, the first Modbox, December Edition  :) Cutely wrap up with the snowman hair clip.  The hair clip is so adorable. Just suitable for my little niece to put on her hair duringChristmas.  The box come together with 6 items ( 5 sample size item and 1 full size item) and 2 discount voucher. The box come with skin care, body care, hair care and make-up products. It's definitely worthy. With this box, I can pamper myself with all the products. 

 I will try to review some of the items in the coming posts. Overall, I just love the box. Suitable for someone like me ( beauty junkies) ;p 
If you are tempted, don't wait anymore as the number of boxes are limited, click on to their website Modbox right now and join in  to be part of their member and sit back and relax while waiting for the box to be delivered to your door step.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

MIVVA Beauty Box

Jingle Bell ~~ Jingle Bell~~ Jingle all the the way~~
Christmas is near and I wish everyone Merry Christmas :) This year Santa bring us an early surprise with the launching of the debut  MIVVA Beauty Box from Mivva.com on 7 Dec 2012 which is TOMORROW!! Yippee 

By subscribing to Mivva Beauty Box, we can get 5 to 6 exciting beauty products. And the most exciting thing is for this christmas, they are packing the box with a little surprise :) with just only RM38 per month. 

As the boxes are limited, therefore they only open it to the members. I was super lucky enough to be selected to share out the special MIVVA Beauty Box Invitation Code to my lovely readers!

Excited to be part of their member? Then please follow the step below : 

 1. Hop on to my referral link  http://www.mivva.com/join/ce7033d1c91a and key in the invitation code : DiscoverMIVVA

By using my referral link, it help me to claim my free Beauty Box which I will be gladly  to review out the products :) Hope Santa lists put me in the good girl list and send me an early present this year :) 

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

How To Clean Makeup Sponge

Hi gals, 
I bet many of us are using makeup sponge when applying foundation and most of the time, we throw away the makeup sponge after using it  for couples of times especially for makeup artists, when they need to use makeup sponge on different people. 

Today i would like to introduce a product which i found it's really effective in cleaning our makeup sponge. Its call Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge. Below are the steps by steps on how I clean my makeup sponge.

After cleaning, the sponge appear like new. Remember to put the sponge to dry after cleaning. With this product, it help to prolong the sponge lifespan :) .I would still recommend to change a new sponge after 3 month depending on how frequent you using it. 

Monday, December 03, 2012

Shills Dust It Powder Review

Hi ladies :) 
Hope you all have a nice weekend last week during the public holiday ;) I believe some of you went out for vacation with friends or family. During the trips, some went out for whole days hoping throughout the days, we will look greats for all the photo shooting with friends. We wake up early in the morning, wash our hair, blow dry our hair, curl our hair..doing all sort of things so that our hair look airy and voluminous. But somehow~~~~ the hair always end up limp in the middle of the days.. especially with humid weather...T.T This is what happening to me..

So I search high and low in the nets, on HOW TO VOLUMIZE HAIR .. and this is when I know about Shills Dust it Powder. I read thru a few  reviews and forum about this product. Some say good and some say it doesn't work....I bet this is what all of us do...when we want to purchase a things, we go search in the info in the internet for reviews..Then based on the reviews, come the decision..;) I found this info in the Shills website and this is what it say about the product: 

1) Creates up to 3 times your original hair volume
2)  strong-holding, long-lasting
3) Non Sticky 
4) Hold up to 48 Hours  

What tempted me the most is the before and after picture display in their website..Seems really wonderful right? So... I made a decision to try out this product. It costs me RM 55, which I think its quite expensive. T.T 

Below are my own personal review when I tryout the product. 

1) The Product claim to create 3 times original hair volume. Indeed it  can create 3 times hair volume   PROVIDED your hair is short. I've try with my shoulder length hair, I have difficulty in volumize up and styling my hair. I apply the dust to my husband short hair, it easily pump up his hair for easily styling. 

2) Strong Holding and Long lasting and Non sticky. I personally felt that when the dust is apply to the hair, it tends to get sticky. Its feels like applying wax except it's a bit drier than wax. Hair appear stiff after apply. I don't like the feeling on my hair after applying. It can last throughout the day. I would say that this is pretty much suitable for guy hair.

Overall, i would give 2 out of 5 star for the product. I would think the Babyliss Big Hair Styler did pretty much better job in volume up my hair. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mini Giveaway

First of all, I would like to thank you all for visiting my blog even i've been MIA for the past months. It's been a hectic first half year with all the wedding preparation. Now I'm glad to say that I'm back :) 

To start off, I'll be doing a Mini Giveaway. Two gorgeous Mersia Fashion Earring

How to win these earring ? 

All you need to do is follow the easy steps below: (Open for Malaysian with Malaysia Address Only)

1. Be my Follower for this blog.
2. Like my Facebook Fanpage CherryBecomeCheery 
3. Last, leave a comment at the comment box on this post with your follower ID and email and selection of A or B
4. 2 Winner will be selected randomly , each winner will win yourself one set only either A or B.
5. Giveaway end at 28 September 2012
6. Winner will be contacted thru Email. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Babyliss Big Hair Styler Review

Hello~~ Here I am again after MIA for a few months...Today i'm going introduce to you all one of my favourite hair styling tools " Babyliss Big Styler". I bought it last weeks from Ebay at RM 310 (including shipping fee using Royal Mail Airsure) and it just arrived yesterday. I started using it right away and totally fall in love with it..It save up all my troubles and times. 

WHY ? Because i just cut short my hair and without hair dryer and hair straightener, my hair will definitely end up like broom. Even with straightener, it still doesn't give me the look I want. Now i proud to say Babyliss Big Styler does. After using it, my hair look like I just come out from Salon. :) 

Babyliss Big Styler come with 2 heat setting and 2 rotation speeds. It is a revolutionary rotating hot air styling brush which help to add volume and shape our hair as it dry. It consists of 50mm rotating ceramic barrel which help to style up the hair style you want. 

Here's the before and after using Babyliss Big Styler. The Left hand picture is before I style my hair using Babyliss and just blow dry with hair dryier. As you can see, it doesn't help in volume up my hair and it's pretty messy. As the picture on the right hand side, I'm using big styler, it helps to make my hair more volume and soft. However it took a few times for me to master it. 

voluminous hair

 For proper tutorial on how to use the Babyliss Big Styler, you can refer to its  official website Babyliss

Overall, I love this product and would like to introduce it to you all. Btw this product is not selling in M'sia. That's the reason why i order it from ebay :) Till then..


Thursday, September 06, 2012

Vaseline Healthy White Perfect 10 Review

Is you skin hunger for hydration and nourishment? Are you looking for lightening and anti-aging solution? All of these can be solve with just one product which is Vaseline healthy white  perfect 10.  :) 

Looking at the product description, this product provide our skin with 10 benefits and is clinically proven to provide visibly radiant and naturally lighter the skin tone in as early as 2 weeks. 

1. Help to improve skin lightening.                          
2. Even out our skin tone
3. Provide UVA & UVB protection
4. Reduce dark mark
5. Act to boost up our skin radiance
6. Help to tighten and let our skin appear firmer
7. Reduce fine lines
8. Promote skin renewal
9. Provide intense skin moisturization
10. Deep nourishment for our skin. 

The reason i bought this lotion is because i desperately need hydration for my hands. As my working environment is mostly in air-con room, most of the time I feel the skin on my palm tighten upI've been using this product for one week, I can feel my hand more hydrated, soft and the skin doesn't feel like tearing up. It have become one of my essential item in the office. 

I like the scent of the lotion as it make me think about roses. Apart from that, the bottle colour is Pink ! Pink colour is most girl favourite. >,<. Overall, I think this product is worth buying as it's not so expensive and we can get it at most drug store. And the most important thing is it provide all the necessary vitamins and protection to our skin. 

Monday, March 05, 2012

Favourite Online Shopping Site ~

Hi everyone..Finally my first post of the year 2012..been slacking off lately and many things happen within these few months..

Anyway..here i am..i would like to introduce you all to some of my favourites online shopping site for makeup and clothing..This is just purely my own opinion and sharing and i didn't get any commission from introducing the sites..

List of Favourite Online Shopping Sites

1. Sharon Chew (Facebook page) - Clothing

Pricing : reasonable and cheap
Quality : 3 star out of 5
Advantages : she has shop opening in penang and you can go over her shop to try-out the clothes before you decide to buy it..^^

2. i.perfect爱玩美 (Facebook page) - Clothing

Pricing : a bit expensive , mostly dresses ranging RM 50 above
Quality : 4 out of 5
Advantages : have wide range of dinner dress to choose from

3. Lainey ling (Facebook page ) - Makeup, Accesories, Skincare, Fragrance

Pricing : Reasonable
Quality : 3 out of 5
Advantages : Have Kevin Beauty Maker product ^^

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