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Friday, May 17, 2013

Makeup Book by Pony

Hi gals..It' been a while since my last post. Anyway today i'm going to introduction a few books which I would like to highly recommend it to you all. I find it very helpful for those who are learning makeup. These are great book as inside, it teach us how to make up with step by step pictures and a copy of cd with video illustration.

Pony makeup book

Every time she launch a new volume, i would definitely buy it. I usually buy it at Popular bookstore. To get cheaper price, you need to buy it during its new launching period which we can buy it at approximately RM 35 with the Popular member 15% discounted price. After the launching is over, the price will hike up to approximately RM 46. So every once a while, I will surely drop by Popular bookstore to check whether there's any new volume out. :) 

Here's the sneak peak of the books. There're step by step picture illustration so that you can easily understand. It even mention what makeup items she use to achieve this look. This is one of the look from her which I like it very much. It focus on eye makeup.

Below are some of the makeup looks which she going to teach in one of her books. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick Review

Hello all..Good Morning..Last month was a busy month for me with Chinese new year coming along, spend most of my time cleaning up my house during the weekends. As you all know, during Chinese new year, we ( especially girl and ladies) want to look pretty :)  and these are the time where most of us would do some make-up to look nice. 

Today I'm going to introduce a product which I found favourite in, " Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick". I get to know this product when I went back home town for CNY and saw my sister bought one. She never really try it out. I was curious so I open it up and try it on my skin. I was surprised by the texture of this product. From the outlook, the texture look creamy, so my first thought without trying is that this product going to be sticky when apply to my oily skin. But the instant I apply it to my skin, I get the powdery feel. 

It doesn't feel sticky and It's easy to blend in to my skin. I was like " WOW". I quick ask my sister to try it out. At first she was skeptical to try out but after applying and she saw the before and after on her face, she was amaze by it too. I use the stick to cover up her dark eye circle. It done a pretty good job in concealing her dark eye circles. 

So once I back in Penang, I directly went to Guardian to bought one myself. Maybelline Clear Smootn BB stick have two tone : Fresh and Natural. I bought Natural as I think fit more to my skin tone.  I use the stick to cover up my acne and pimples scar ;) 

Overall, I think this is a great product especially when using it to cover dark eyes circle and acne scar. ♥♥♥

Till Then

Thursday, December 13, 2012

ModBox Beauty Box : December Edition

Hi all...Today I've just receive my December edition Modbox. I'm so happy. Upon receiving the parcel , I directly unwrap it..:)  I would like to thanks Modbox and Jessying  for the early Christmas present. 

Modbox  is a beauty box subscription service in Malaysia and it has just launched recently. What is so special about Modbox ? Well the concept of it is very simple. The box promise to help us discover and enable us to try out new beauty products. It help us to spice up our beauty routine. Instead of spend hour and hours of time looking thru beauty products review, with just RM19 per month only, we can get to try out most of the new beauty products ourselves and guess what, the it's directly delivered to our front door! 

Here's it is, the first Modbox, December Edition  :) Cutely wrap up with the snowman hair clip.  The hair clip is so adorable. Just suitable for my little niece to put on her hair duringChristmas.  The box come together with 6 items ( 5 sample size item and 1 full size item) and 2 discount voucher. The box come with skin care, body care, hair care and make-up products. It's definitely worthy. With this box, I can pamper myself with all the products. 

 I will try to review some of the items in the coming posts. Overall, I just love the box. Suitable for someone like me ( beauty junkies) ;p 
If you are tempted, don't wait anymore as the number of boxes are limited, click on to their website Modbox right now and join in  to be part of their member and sit back and relax while waiting for the box to be delivered to your door step.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Cozy and Warmly Peach !

Recently I’ve been looking for lipstick and brusher that came with peach or coral colors. Feel so addicted and love the colors so much… :D Peach and coral lipstick and blush are suitable for those having light, normal and slightly tan skin tone. It gives out the warm and summer feeling...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

NYX Lipstick Review

Hi gals...recently i just bought 5 NYX lipstick from lowyat forum...and i'm going to review on it..
The price is quite affordable..which is only RM 10...very cheap right...O.O..i was surprise as well when i found out about this product...It also came out with eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner...I bought 4 NYX Round lipstick ( Thalia, B52, Jupiter, Honey) and 1 NYX Round lipgloss (Kiss).

Anyway..i'm going to shows you guys how these colours look like on the lips..^^ .

This is my lips without lipstick. I just a apply a moisturizer lipbalm to keep my lips moisture.

I personally like this lipgloss..its a bit pinky...althought the scent is not so nice..but still consider acceptable..^^

Em..as for Thalia..it's a bit nude and mixed with a bit pink..nice as well..

Haha..for Honey..i don't like it very much..too nude..if you look at the lipstick originally, it's totally brown colour..when you apply to your lips..it's cover up your lips colour..it's best apply a pink lipgloss after apply this..it doesn't have to be pink..any colour you like..
I'm not sure whether you guys can differentiate this colour with thalia..this is a bit shimmer compare to thalia..don't apply too much of the lipstick..just slightly glide thru your bottom lips only and close your lips to mixed it to your upper lips..apply a bit if it's not enough..
when first apply this..i was like " woa..too red and obvious for me.." then after apply it for several time..i found it quite nice as well...it's more toward matt colour...
Overall..i would say that i'm quite pleased with these lipstick...and it's glide smoothly when apply it..however you might need to bring this out with you if going out for dinner as you might need to reapply it.. it doesn't stay quite long time..

Rating : 3 of 5

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