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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Upper Lip Hair – Shave, Wax or Pluck?

Hi all...Sorry for the missing in action recently as I’ve been busy with work and classes and going to physiotherapy...Been having problems with my neck bone L However I don’t want to miss up updating my blog..:)

Anyway today, we are going to talk about removing upper Lips Hair. The question here is, should we shave or should we wax or should we pluck it? I know this question has been asked by most of us... including me as well. I’ve been doing some searching in the web, forum and found quite a few and different answers for it. There are no absolute answers for question.

Here’s some of the info’s that I found and would like to share out with you all.

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Alice said...

I have been using an epilator to remove facial hair for over a decade now.

Pulling the hair out, whether by waxing, tweezing (plucking) or epilation results in the tips of the regrowing hairs being rounded, thinner and less pigmented and taking longer to come to the surface than shaving. If you let them grow out, they will gradually come back to the original diameter and pigmentation.

By comparison, shaving leaves the end of the hair cut about flush with the skin, at an angle with a sharp edge because the blade pushes the hair over sideways before getting enough pressure to actually cut through it. The result is a sharp edge like the tip of a chisel, which creates a rough stubble feel as it grows. Shaving also leaves the hair diameter and pigmentation as it naturally grows, leaving a "beard shadow."

On the downside, pulling the hairs out may lead to more ingrown hairs than shaving and some people claim that it will also make it harder to do laser hair reduction or electrolysis later on.

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