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Monday, December 03, 2012

Shills Dust It Powder Review

Hi ladies :) 
Hope you all have a nice weekend last week during the public holiday ;) I believe some of you went out for vacation with friends or family. During the trips, some went out for whole days hoping throughout the days, we will look greats for all the photo shooting with friends. We wake up early in the morning, wash our hair, blow dry our hair, curl our hair..doing all sort of things so that our hair look airy and voluminous. But somehow~~~~ the hair always end up limp in the middle of the days.. especially with humid weather...T.T This is what happening to me..

So I search high and low in the nets, on HOW TO VOLUMIZE HAIR .. and this is when I know about Shills Dust it Powder. I read thru a few  reviews and forum about this product. Some say good and some say it doesn't work....I bet this is what all of us do...when we want to purchase a things, we go search in the info in the internet for reviews..Then based on the reviews, come the decision..;) I found this info in the Shills website and this is what it say about the product: 

1) Creates up to 3 times your original hair volume
2)  strong-holding, long-lasting
3) Non Sticky 
4) Hold up to 48 Hours  

What tempted me the most is the before and after picture display in their website..Seems really wonderful right? So... I made a decision to try out this product. It costs me RM 55, which I think its quite expensive. T.T 

Below are my own personal review when I tryout the product. 

1) The Product claim to create 3 times original hair volume. Indeed it  can create 3 times hair volume   PROVIDED your hair is short. I've try with my shoulder length hair, I have difficulty in volumize up and styling my hair. I apply the dust to my husband short hair, it easily pump up his hair for easily styling. 

2) Strong Holding and Long lasting and Non sticky. I personally felt that when the dust is apply to the hair, it tends to get sticky. Its feels like applying wax except it's a bit drier than wax. Hair appear stiff after apply. I don't like the feeling on my hair after applying. It can last throughout the day. I would say that this is pretty much suitable for guy hair.

Overall, i would give 2 out of 5 star for the product. I would think the Babyliss Big Hair Styler did pretty much better job in volume up my hair. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Babyliss Big Hair Styler Review

Hello~~ Here I am again after MIA for a few months...Today i'm going introduce to you all one of my favourite hair styling tools " Babyliss Big Styler". I bought it last weeks from Ebay at RM 310 (including shipping fee using Royal Mail Airsure) and it just arrived yesterday. I started using it right away and totally fall in love with it..It save up all my troubles and times. 

WHY ? Because i just cut short my hair and without hair dryer and hair straightener, my hair will definitely end up like broom. Even with straightener, it still doesn't give me the look I want. Now i proud to say Babyliss Big Styler does. After using it, my hair look like I just come out from Salon. :) 

Babyliss Big Styler come with 2 heat setting and 2 rotation speeds. It is a revolutionary rotating hot air styling brush which help to add volume and shape our hair as it dry. It consists of 50mm rotating ceramic barrel which help to style up the hair style you want. 

Here's the before and after using Babyliss Big Styler. The Left hand picture is before I style my hair using Babyliss and just blow dry with hair dryier. As you can see, it doesn't help in volume up my hair and it's pretty messy. As the picture on the right hand side, I'm using big styler, it helps to make my hair more volume and soft. However it took a few times for me to master it. 

voluminous hair

 For proper tutorial on how to use the Babyliss Big Styler, you can refer to its  official website Babyliss

Overall, I love this product and would like to introduce it to you all. Btw this product is not selling in M'sia. That's the reason why i order it from ebay :) Till then..


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review on Alfapart Milano Illuminating Essential Oil Hair Ampoule

Hi everyone ^.^ Today I’m going to do a review on Alfaparf Milano Illuminating Essential Oil. I bought this box months ago for RM 80 and used a couple of times. This is my third time using it. The hair salon introduces me this product when I told them I was looking for hair ampoule for dry and dull hair.

Now..What does this product help to treat my hair? The ultimate illuminating Essential Oil come with an exclusive blending of unique shine of Semi di Lino and an instant hair repairt Microcystalline Treament. It helps to adds shine and luminosity to dull and dry hair. It contains high Linseed oil Complex (Omega-3, Omega-6 Fatty Acids, and Vitamins) which helps to repair capillary fibers and seals the hair cuticle making the hair softer, smoother and doesn’t weight the hair down.

As you can see from the picture above, before using you need to break off the neck of the bottle. Please be careful when you removing it as the bottle are made of glass. I used it on my towel-dried hair and leave it for around 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. I used one bottle for entire hair. One small bottle is 13ml. Although the description stating illuminating oil, but it not oily at all. It more watery and very light.

Before using, my hair is very dry.Well as for the result; it helps to soften my hair and my hair look healthier. But it doesn’t really add shine to my hair. Maybe I need to use it more frequently to see better as result as I remember my last time using it was two months ago..O.O Overall rating, I would give 3 stars out of 5.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dye Your Hair

Hi to all the beauties out there...Going thru the news this morning and found out another case of girl die from allergic to hair dye. If not mistaken, this is the second case since the last month. Last month, there’s a report of a woman nearly die from allergic reaction after dying her hair. The product that she uses was also mention inside the newspaper in Guang Ming Newspaper. I didn’t manage to scan the newspaper but here’s the links which I found inside the website which also report the same case.

Nowadays, we have a lot of different hair dye product in the market and more and more people choose to dye the hair themselves as the product selling in the store are quite cheap compare to going to Salon. Price range can be from RM 15 to RM 35 depending on the brand you buy in the store.

Although the price is cheap, there are still a few things that we shouldn’t miss out when we choose the product. There are always a pre-cautious statement stated inside the leaflet which they put together with the product, but how many of us really go thru the leaflet?

Below are some of the things that we shouldn’t miss out when using or choosing the hair dye product.

1. Just yesterday, the Star Newspaper published out all hair dyes product that contains o-Aminophenols has been banned from the market. The Scientific Committee in Consumer Safety in European Union couldn’t find a data which support o-aminophenols safety for usage and due to its potential of causing skin irritation. Here’s website which listed the product that contain this chemical.Bureau's Website

2. Always perform Allergy Test on your hand before dyeing it to your hair. This is the part which most of us skip out.

3. Always read the safety instruction provided by the product before using.

4. Do not leave the hair dye longer time than mention inside the leaflet.

Hope the informations above help us aware of the things that we need to be cautious when doing home hair dye.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

A simple hair braiding style

Would like to share one of a simple hair braiding style which I found inside Vivi Magazine at May Issue. Try it out when you free..:D

Below is the step by step

1. Section the hair into three sections A, B, C

2. Cross section A and B by putting A above B.

3. Next, cross section C and A, by putting C above A.

4. Grab another section of hair to combine with B and cross B with C, putting B above C.

5. Grab another section of hair to combine with A and cross A with B, putting A above B.

6. Take another section of hair to combine with C and cross C with A, putting C above A.

7. Repeat the braiding until the desire length. Pin the braided section hair to the back and add some volume to the hair to create different layer.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bob Hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle is now the hottest trend in 2011. Bob cut is a short haircut above shoulder length. It’s suitable for most of the face type but each face type have different way of bob types. Below is the example of bob haircut for common face types.

How to create this bob hairstyle? The most common tools we use is the curler tong (32 to 38 mm) or small straightener.

Below is the step by step of creating a bob hairstyle. Hope you like it. :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Changing your hair bangs/fringe

Thinking of changing your bangs style after having the same bang for quite some times...Here are some of the tips that can be used to change center bangs to side swept bangs or blunts bangs which is very popular nowadays.
Follow steps by step and you can get the desire bang you want.

1) After washing your hair, blow dries your bang with hair dryer to the front until you can’t see your original parting.
2) Then blow each side of the bang from inwards to outwards so that It won’t stick to one side.

3) You will notice now your bangs won’t have any parting. This is when you can style your bang. After parting to the desire side apply styling spray and slightly blow it to make it more lasting.

Below is one of hairstyle that I’ll like to share out with you all. This hair style is from one of the book that I bought during the book fair last month. Will share out more from time to time. Stay tune.

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