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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weight Loss Tips

How many of you are concern about your own body weight? Well...i do…especially when it’s nearer to my wedding day… Nowadays, more and more slimming center is advertising on tv, radio and newspaper on how their centre can help to reduce weight. But most of us can’t afford to pay for the treatment as it’s really expensive.
So we started to search for other alternative to reduce our weight such as skipping our meal, applying slimming product, exercising more and etc..Some methods are good for our body and some are not. Skipping meal is definitely not a good idea in reducing weight and it will bring opposite result.

Below is one small exercise which I usually do before sleeping. For me, it really helps to reduce my weight especially at the thigh area. I draw this myself and please bear with the ugly drawing..T.T

1) The first step you can do is put both your hand on the wall to support yourself. Lift your right leg slightly to the back above the ground. Without touching the ground, lift up and down your right leg for 20 times. Switch side after doing 20 times. (The step helps to lift your buttock)

2) Next, put one side of your hand on the wall to support yourself, and lift one side of your leg up and down. Make sure you are standing straight on the other leg. Repeat the step for around 20 times for left leg. You can increase it when you are use to it. (Helps to reduce and tighten your thigh)

3) The next step is seat on the floor with your hand and leg pointing to the front. Move to the front 10 times by using your buttock to move. While moving, your leg will slide side by side..But make sure it’s close. Try to make sure your back is straight when doing this. Move back using the same step with your buttock 10 times. (If you feel uncomfortable doing this, don’t push yourself. You can skip this step)

Here’s one of the healthy drink that can be use in slimming down:

1. 5 strawberry (rich sources of phenoic antioxidants that aid in weight loss)
2. 1 Orange
3. Half cup of low fat milk
4. 1 spoon of honey
Blend together and add in a few pieces of ice cube if you like it cold.

I manage slim down from 50 kg to 48 kg and maintaining it as of now. Hope this information helps you gals as well.

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