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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review: Angie's Kitchen

Hi Everyone..:) It's finally the last day of Chinese New Year..Time sure passes quickly without notice...:) Anyway today i'm going to blog a little about a special food tasting session with other bloggers which I join during early January this year. First of all, I would like to thanks Frank, from CEM for inviting me to Angie's House for the food tasting session and I'm lucky enough to try out the dishes which cook by the lady of the house herself. 

This incredible and lovely lady is, Datin Angie. We have a great time at her house and most importantly, all the dishes cook by her really make me miss home-cook food a lot. These are the dishes that we try out while at her home.

The first dishes is the Sambal Eggplant. I never like Eggplant before but this..this..OMG..super delicious. It's soft in the inside but slight crunchy at the outside. Yummy ~~I tell myself..I must cook this for my husband.:)

The Second dish is the Nai Bai Minced Meat. This dish really give out a homely cooking style. :)

The Third dish is Fried Lala. 

Sweet Soya Sauce Chicken. One of my favorite as well. The chicken is nicely cook and the flavor is just right. 

Asam Pedas Fish. 

Sometimes the more simple the foods are, the more delicious it is :) I really enjoy every dishes and loves the way how the foods are cook. All the foods cook by Datin Angie are very natural and healthy with just slight touch of salt and natural seasoning and no MSG.

After enjoying the dishes, i manage to have tour around her kitchen..i would say it's really nicely decorated..with the touch of English style decoration.  Wish someday i would have a ktichen like this..haha

Currently all the recipes for the dishes above are available through her ANGIE'S KITCHEN Home Delicacy recipe book. The concept of this recipe book is provide Simple and Healthy food to family and at the same time provide funding to Charity Organization. You can buy this recipe book from most of the Food Restaurant such as I-Mum mum or for international readers, you can buy it from YUM YUM website. All the proceeds for this recipe book will fully go to a few Charity Organizations below:

1) Cancerlink Penang
2) NASAM Penang
3) Penang Care Diagnostic Outreach
4) Penang Hospice Society
5) Ruyi Home Penang

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