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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Face Lift Mask Review

Hi all...Today I’m going to review on the Kiss Japan Electric Ore Peptide Firming Duo Lifting Mask which I bought a couple of months ago..This mask is well known in Taiwan for lifting and firming. I just manage to try it out last week. This mask is suitable for all skin types.

What’s the function of this Mask?
1) With the “turning back time lifting”, it helps to firm and lift up your skin to create more 3D look.

2) Prevent your skin from aging and moisture your skin.

The packaging stated

Whitening ★★★★★
Moisturizing ★★★★
Tightening ★★★★★
Absorption ★★★★★
Fitting ★★★★★

Method of using:

Pros:1. The thing I like about this mask is it’s not so watery.
2. Skin appears smooth and pore tightens after applying.
3. Have ear-hook wrap for face and neck.
4. For the pricing of the mask, it’s not too expensive.

Cons:1. For me, the mask size is a bit small for me as I can’t hook the mask to my ear. My face is too big T.T. I think most of the people should be able to hook it to the ears.

2. After applying for 15 minutes and wash it off, I didn’t really see any lifting effect as mention by the mask. Maybe it’s because I use it for one time only. Not sure it will create a lifting effect if I continue using the mask for one month.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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