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Monday, October 17, 2011

Dye Your Hair

Hi to all the beauties out there...Going thru the news this morning and found out another case of girl die from allergic to hair dye. If not mistaken, this is the second case since the last month. Last month, there’s a report of a woman nearly die from allergic reaction after dying her hair. The product that she uses was also mention inside the newspaper in Guang Ming Newspaper. I didn’t manage to scan the newspaper but here’s the links which I found inside the website which also report the same case.

Nowadays, we have a lot of different hair dye product in the market and more and more people choose to dye the hair themselves as the product selling in the store are quite cheap compare to going to Salon. Price range can be from RM 15 to RM 35 depending on the brand you buy in the store.

Although the price is cheap, there are still a few things that we shouldn’t miss out when we choose the product. There are always a pre-cautious statement stated inside the leaflet which they put together with the product, but how many of us really go thru the leaflet?

Below are some of the things that we shouldn’t miss out when using or choosing the hair dye product.

1. Just yesterday, the Star Newspaper published out all hair dyes product that contains o-Aminophenols has been banned from the market. The Scientific Committee in Consumer Safety in European Union couldn’t find a data which support o-aminophenols safety for usage and due to its potential of causing skin irritation. Here’s website which listed the product that contain this chemical.Bureau's Website

2. Always perform Allergy Test on your hand before dyeing it to your hair. This is the part which most of us skip out.

3. Always read the safety instruction provided by the product before using.

4. Do not leave the hair dye longer time than mention inside the leaflet.

Hope the informations above help us aware of the things that we need to be cautious when doing home hair dye.


alicee said...

As much as I love my hair colour to be golden brown, I only allow myself to dye my hair no more than twice a year purely because of my fear for putting chemical right on my hair. Nice post, much appreciated~

Michelle said...

yeap..me too..trying to keep it as once a year..:)

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