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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wedding Photography in Taiwan

Hello ladies..:) Today i'm going to share some of the tips and my wedding photography in Taiwan. Hope the information helps you all in choosing the right Wedding shop for your wedding photo ♥♥

I went to Taiwan this year during April for a weeks and the main purpose is actually for my wedding photography. As we did some research which date to go, April seems to be the best time to go Taiwan as less raining and the weather is just right. Not too hot or too cold. I bought this package from a wedding shop in Taiwan, Romantic Life during the wedding fair in Queensbay, Penang. To be honest, although it’s very expensive, I enjoy the every moment during the photo shooting.

Romantic Life is located at Taipei Chung San Road. You can see a lot of wedding shop around this area. The taxi driver told us that this street is known as Wedding Street. It took us around 15 minutes to 20 minutes to walk there from the place we’re staying. There’s one hostel which I highly recommend if you went there for photo shooting, STAR Hostel (2F., No. 132, Sec. 1 Zhongshan N. Rd.). The hostel is very neat and clean. I enjoy staying there as the price is reasonable. (This is simply a sharing and experience from me, not a request of advertisement from any places I mention above.)

STAR Hostel

Anyway, let get back to the main topic here...The whole photo shooting needed one day only. But before the photo shooting day, we need to go there two day ahead to select and try out the gowns, determine places to go for shooting and which MUA (makeup artist) you want. As for my husband, his tuxedo size was measured in other shop which is just a few streets away from Romantic Life. I’ve to admit that, guy tuxedo is much more expensive than our gown and we are just renting it...T.T.

For the photo shooting places, my husband and I choose to go to Yangmingshan as we like natural more and we’re on tight budget. During my trip to Taijung, we went to a place call The Small Swiss Garden which is very near to Qingjing Farm. It’s a very nice place with lots of flowers. If we’re not on tight budget, I would choose to add that place to my photo destination. As for the makeup and hairstyle, I didn’t specifically tell the MUA which types of makeup I want as I believe they know which makeup and hairstyles are more suitable for us. After the MUA finish setting the hairstyle and makeup, they will take a picture of your makeup and hairstyle and ask you whether you’re satisfied or not with the makeup and hairstyle. If yes, then they will start the photographing session. Every change of styles, they will do the same to ensure you are satisfied with the makeup. The overall photo session are very enjoying. 

I’ve heard a lot of questions regarding what to bring during the photo shooting. Well, here’ some of the things you need to prepare upfront or bring over to Taiwan for the photoshooting

1. For gal, remember to bring nude bra...this is really important..i didn’t know about it when I went there to choose my gown. In the end, I have to spend one night to shop around to look for the nude bra.

2. Buy a white or silver high heel as it’s easy to match with any colours of the gown. For guy, remember to bring one black or one white shoe. As during tuxedo selection, you will be given one shoe only either black or white.
3. Bring your own ampoules and make sure it’s a branded one...as during my makeup session, I bring those unbranded ampoules and the MUA told me, it won’t last long on my makeup. In the end, I buy their ampoules.

4. Remember to bring another pair of normal shoe with you during the photo shooting as you don’t’ want to keep wearing the high heel when you walking down the glass or rocky road.

Hope the information above help you all when preparing for the wedding photoshooting :)

Till Then



Jessying said...

great tips !! your pics looked great ! my best friend is now in taiwan taking her wedding photos too, she told me she was overcharged and i hope her pics turned out great like yours!

cherrycheery said...

thank you jess :) i think her picture will turn out nice as well..hope she enjoy her trip

alicee said...

Lovely pics! I like Taiwan too, especially their food!

wedding photography Sydney said...

The venue was awesome! The photos you've taken perfectly captured the sweet and great emotions of that moment. You've sure shared a great detail of their special moment. Thanks for inspiring me.

wedding invitations said...

These wedding ideas aren't just inspiring, these are very captivating. The photos are very alluring, perfect shots! I hope you could share more of your photo works.

Grace Thang said...

Hi,may I know total how much you spend on Romantic Life because I signed the package will I will go next yr March...Actually I just wondering...because i saw alot bad comment of Taiwan bridal shop...a bit worry..

Jenifer Lopez said...

Every couple wants to capture their wedding moments perfectly so as to relive them time and again. They want their pictures to be as amazing as the wedding. For this reason, it is very important to hire a professional photographer to cover the event.Take a look at: wedding photography sydney

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