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Friday, May 17, 2013

Makeup Book by Pony

Hi gals..It' been a while since my last post. Anyway today i'm going to introduction a few books which I would like to highly recommend it to you all. I find it very helpful for those who are learning makeup. These are great book as inside, it teach us how to make up with step by step pictures and a copy of cd with video illustration.

Pony makeup book

Every time she launch a new volume, i would definitely buy it. I usually buy it at Popular bookstore. To get cheaper price, you need to buy it during its new launching period which we can buy it at approximately RM 35 with the Popular member 15% discounted price. After the launching is over, the price will hike up to approximately RM 46. So every once a while, I will surely drop by Popular bookstore to check whether there's any new volume out. :) 

Here's the sneak peak of the books. There're step by step picture illustration so that you can easily understand. It even mention what makeup items she use to achieve this look. This is one of the look from her which I like it very much. It focus on eye makeup.

Below are some of the makeup looks which she going to teach in one of her books. 

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Henry Tan said...

lol. to guys.. i think all the eyes make up look the same! haha

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