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Saturday, September 18, 2010

NYX Lipstick Review

Hi gals...recently i just bought 5 NYX lipstick from lowyat forum...and i'm going to review on it..
The price is quite affordable..which is only RM 10...very cheap right...O.O..i was surprise as well when i found out about this product...It also came out with eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner...I bought 4 NYX Round lipstick ( Thalia, B52, Jupiter, Honey) and 1 NYX Round lipgloss (Kiss).

Anyway..i'm going to shows you guys how these colours look like on the lips..^^ .

This is my lips without lipstick. I just a apply a moisturizer lipbalm to keep my lips moisture.

I personally like this lipgloss..its a bit pinky...althought the scent is not so nice..but still consider acceptable..^^

Em..as for Thalia..it's a bit nude and mixed with a bit pink..nice as well..

Haha..for Honey..i don't like it very much..too nude..if you look at the lipstick originally, it's totally brown colour..when you apply to your lips..it's cover up your lips colour..it's best apply a pink lipgloss after apply this..it doesn't have to be pink..any colour you like..
I'm not sure whether you guys can differentiate this colour with thalia..this is a bit shimmer compare to thalia..don't apply too much of the lipstick..just slightly glide thru your bottom lips only and close your lips to mixed it to your upper lips..apply a bit if it's not enough..
when first apply this..i was like " woa..too red and obvious for me.." then after apply it for several time..i found it quite nice as well...it's more toward matt colour...
Overall..i would say that i'm quite pleased with these lipstick...and it's glide smoothly when apply it..however you might need to bring this out with you if going out for dinner as you might need to reapply it.. it doesn't stay quite long time..

Rating : 3 of 5

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