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Monday, December 03, 2012

Shills Dust It Powder Review

Hi ladies :) 
Hope you all have a nice weekend last week during the public holiday ;) I believe some of you went out for vacation with friends or family. During the trips, some went out for whole days hoping throughout the days, we will look greats for all the photo shooting with friends. We wake up early in the morning, wash our hair, blow dry our hair, curl our hair..doing all sort of things so that our hair look airy and voluminous. But somehow~~~~ the hair always end up limp in the middle of the days.. especially with humid weather...T.T This is what happening to me..

So I search high and low in the nets, on HOW TO VOLUMIZE HAIR .. and this is when I know about Shills Dust it Powder. I read thru a few  reviews and forum about this product. Some say good and some say it doesn't work....I bet this is what all of us do...when we want to purchase a things, we go search in the info in the internet for reviews..Then based on the reviews, come the decision..;) I found this info in the Shills website and this is what it say about the product: 

1) Creates up to 3 times your original hair volume
2)  strong-holding, long-lasting
3) Non Sticky 
4) Hold up to 48 Hours  

What tempted me the most is the before and after picture display in their website..Seems really wonderful right? So... I made a decision to try out this product. It costs me RM 55, which I think its quite expensive. T.T 

Below are my own personal review when I tryout the product. 

1) The Product claim to create 3 times original hair volume. Indeed it  can create 3 times hair volume   PROVIDED your hair is short. I've try with my shoulder length hair, I have difficulty in volumize up and styling my hair. I apply the dust to my husband short hair, it easily pump up his hair for easily styling. 

2) Strong Holding and Long lasting and Non sticky. I personally felt that when the dust is apply to the hair, it tends to get sticky. Its feels like applying wax except it's a bit drier than wax. Hair appear stiff after apply. I don't like the feeling on my hair after applying. It can last throughout the day. I would say that this is pretty much suitable for guy hair.

Overall, i would give 2 out of 5 star for the product. I would think the Babyliss Big Hair Styler did pretty much better job in volume up my hair. 

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