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Monday, September 19, 2011

Tutorial on Makeup Brushes

In this article, i'm going to summarize out all the information about makeup brushes. When buying a makeup brush sets, it is important to feel the quality of the fibres the brushes are make of..especially those who have sensitive skins..There are many types of makeup brush and each of them having different functionality. Most of us don't have any idea which brush to use when it came to applying foundation, eye shadow, contouring..etc...Hope the information below help you all find the right brush during Makeup.

From here, i'll go one by one on what is the function of each different brush.
1) In order to get a natural flawless look and no heavy weight of the foundation on your skin, it is recommended to use a foundation brush. There are two types of foundation brush ( Brush for liquid form and Brush for Powder form). To apply liquid type of foundation, choose the brush which have more bristle and compact where for power type of foundation, you can choose brush which are soft and loose. This brush can also be used for blusher brush.

2) Contouring brush usually have an angled round shape and appear to be a bit loose like powder foundation brush.It is used for cheek contouring to shape and sculpt your face.

3) There are quite few size of shader brush. Shader brush is use to apply and blending of eye shadow. Usually if we buy a large makeup brush set such as 24 pcs, it will have 3 to 4 types of shader brush with different size and shape. However each of them having quite similar functionality.

< style="font-family:verdana;">4) Precision brush (Lower Lid brush) is used to apply eye shadow to the eye lower lid. Some of us don't know which brush to use, that we use the normal shader brush to apply for lower lid causing quite a mess especially if the eye shadow is dark color, we end up with "panda" eyes.

5) Most of the eyeliner gel come with an eyeliner brush. It is use to draw a precise and even line. The eyeline brush can also be use on liquid type eyeliner product. There're two types of liner brush, a straight tipped liner brush and bent liner brush. Both can be use to apply eyeliner but some find straight tipped liner brush tend to block your view when you applying the liner whereas for bent liner brush, we have better view of what you are drawing.

6) After applying all the foundation and eyeshadows, sometimes we have fallen eyeshadow on our face, this is when we use the fan brush. Fan brush takes off or dust off fallen eyeshadow from our face.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Kose Vital Purity Range and Honey Blends

First of all..thanks to Kose Nature & Co for organizing this workshop and to let us know more detail of their product..^^..Nature & Co came up with wide range of products including skin care and hair care which really surprise me as i didn't know that they have hair care product as well... The latest products are the Vital Purity range and Honey Blend.

Vital Purity Skin Care range ( Don't you just love the colours ~^^)

Honey Blend Range

The nice things is that we were given chance to try out their products...^^ We start out with our hair first...The Honey Blend consists of Honey Blend Hair Treatment, Honey Blend Body Soap, Honey Blend Shampoo and Honey Blend Smooth Hair mist..Now i'm really amaze with these..I can't really try out the shampoo and hair treatment as we don't have any shower room provided at the hotel..^^ but the scent is really nice..sweet..I did try on the Honey Blend Hair mist though..it smoothen my hair..especially the split end... Those with frizzy hair should really try out this as it help to replenishes the hair moisture keep your hair shine and smooth.

Next we continue on with our face..We start out with the Pure white Cleansing milk...The cleansing milk can be wiped off or rised off..depend on each preference. It help to remove makeup and dirt without leaving your skin dry. After cleansing, follow by the Masks..we were given two choice to choose based on our skin type and condition..i choose the Vital Purity Lift Mask as it helps to reduce dullness..it was really nice with Lavender scent..Very relaxing...While waiting for the mask to dry, Relax yourself for 5 min...and when you feel like the mask is drying out, it's timeto clean off the mask..The mask have anti-oxidant, firming and whitening effect..^^
After cleaning off the mask, it's time to put on the Lotion or we can say toner...I choose the Vital Purity Lotion as well..i really like the scent a lot...You have to put on the toner using the cotton as it's more hygenic..Vital Purity Lotion have moisturizing effect and have antioxidant action. Next follow by the Essence ( Pure Essence C) from the Pure White range..the essence it not very creamy, it's light and easily absorb into our skin...We do a little massage on our face to help the essence fully absord...After putting on the essence, is the Moisturizer..There's two type of Moisturizer...Pure White Milky Lotion Light and Pure White Milky Lotion Rich...I go for the Light as my skin is acne prone type..i don't want it too be too heavy for the skin..When putting on the Moisturizer, we're suggested to used Cotton as well..(hm..this is the first time i heard about using cotton for moisturizer as well..),,Finally..is the Sunblock..this is the most important and we should never leave our house without this...the sunblock here to prevent the UV from directly attacking our skin..Apply the sunblock on your neck as well..^^..After all these steps..my face feel refreshing..*^^
Last but no the the least...the Body Lotion..! \(^.^)/ We have the chance to try out the Three Butter Series..The range come with Three Butter Face & Body Lotion, Three butter Face & Body Balm, Three Butter Hand & Nail Care and Three Butter Lip Balm...this lipbalm is great...it smoothen out my cracked lip...My lip feel smooth for whole day...thumbs up for this..! Will definitely buy this..
The Nature & Co teams were very helpful during the workshop..they assist and explain to us in the detail the usage of the product and how we should choose based on our skin type..During the registration, we were given this packet of goodies...Yippee~Natural & Co is so generous..In the packages, it have two sachlet of Vital Purity Lift Mask..Woohoo..and Several Pure White Lotion Light..

The pricing is quite affordable...and you can get these from Watsons..Here's the website for more info about the product ranges..Nature & Co...It's in chinese..i'm trying to find the english website though..I've a great day and really enjoy and pampered myself that days..THANKS to Nature & Co ...
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