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Friday, April 18, 2014

Maybelline False Lash Volume Express Review + Giveaway

Hello Everyone..Happy Easter Day :) 

Today i'm going to do a simple review on Maybelline False Lash Volume Express and I'll be having a mini giveaway..That right..:) you heard me right..After so long, I finally organize a small giveaway..1 X Maybelline False Lash Volume Express..:)


I bought this mascara one month ago and only manage to try it out just recently. The reason most of us buy mascara is to have longer lashes so that our eyes look more bigger and charming and of course the lashes have to appear natural :) Usually when I look at the mascara advertisement, the first question that come into my mind is, " Did they wear false lashes as it looks so natural on the lashes for a mascara.. " 
So here I am again, buying another mascara ==". 

Here's the brush inside the mascara. The mascara contain tiny fiber to help to lengthen our lashes. The tip of the brush is slight smaller than the middle and i usually use the tip of the brush to apply my lower lashes..

This is me before applying the mascara. 

After applying Maybelline False Lash Volume Express. The lashes appear thicker, longer and more visible. It doesn't appear to chunky. Before applying, you still need to curl your lashes with eye curler. Well, I wouldn't say it appear very natural but it still help to lengthen and slightly thicken my lashes. Overall i wasn't disappointed with the function of the mascara and would give 3 star out of 5 :) 

So here's come the Giveaway......Be sure to fill out all the entry points to be eligible for the giveaway :)  and Please take note that this giveaway is for those staying in Malaysia only.

Till then 


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