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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Great Getaway Treat Campaign with Seeties

Hi everyone ~~ How's your weekend ? I hope you all have a nice weekend as today I'm going to introduce you to a Great Getaway Treat Campaign by Seeties. 

Tired from all the hectic life..Now is the time for you to take a leave and join this campaign to win yourself a relaxing 2 Day 1 Night getaway with Seeties. Seeties are giving out 10 getaway treats plus 1 special lucky draw getaway...It's a great giveaway. You must be thinking how and what you should to join this campaign. Fred not..Here's the campaign details. 

 ♥ Campaign Details ♥

How it Works

  1. Post at least 1 recommendation on Outdoors & Attractions category and 1 on any category you love at Seeties platform from 2 April 2014 - 30 April 2014.
  2. Each recommendation should have at least 3 photos, interesting and helpful info, and correct locations on Google Map.
  3. The Campaign will only include Recommendations about places in Malaysia.
Tips: Can you post more than 2? Of course! The more you recommend, the higher chances you will get!

Selection Criteria of Winners

1. They will select ten (10) experts recommendation with most beautiful photos to win the getaway treats!

2. One (1) special lucky draw getaway for those who participate in the Getaway Campaign!

To Participate

1. You must be a registered Seetizen Expert of Seeties, click here to join if you are not.

2. Share and post the campaign Poster with your own unique picture URL on your blog.


Look at these amazing place...Don't you wish you can just spend one day at these place relaxing..out from all the busy town..I wish i could win the room for Cameron Highland Resort :)  I did some research on the place. Love the room and the dinning place.

So why wait anymore...come and join me to win these great getaway treat. Follow me at http://seeties.me/jennlingching as one of the Seeties expert :) Till then..


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