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Friday, August 30, 2013

Epiderme Skincare Review

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Epiderme contacted me a few weeks ago whether I would like to try out on their products. To tell the truth, this is the first time I heard of this brand. So I did some reading on their products from their website and from the forum. One thing that attracted me is that I found out all their products are Paraben-free. That's interesting. So I decided to give it a try.   (◕‿◕) 

I think most of us know that Parabens are widely used preservatives in cosmetic and skincare products and there're informations stated that it might cause cancer. If possible, I would try to use products that are organics and paraben-free. So finally last week, my Epiderme Starter kits from EPIDERME has arrived.  

Let me do a simple introduction on EPIDERME. EPIDERME is a revolutionary skincare brand developed and manufactured in USA by a reputable R&D team which practices Science-based Aesthetic Medicine. Using the latest scientific research and pharmaceutical quality ingredients, the team develop innovative products by utilizing the latest and most effective in scientific green, organic, safe and natural ingredients and technologies in order to achieve the best formulary combination that fits EPIDERME's philosphy. The most importantly, all EPIDERME products are Paraben-free.  

As my main skin concern is acne, they recommended me the following products:

1. Face Wash Gel
2. Perfect Daily Exfoliating Gel
3. Advanced Aqual Gel
4. Acne Recovery Serum

I will share with you one by one on the products and how it work on me.

1. Face Wash Gel 

Product benefitProvides skin exfoliation, prevents pore clogging and smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles.Its rich in vitamins, calcium and minerals help to increase skin immune function and help to combat problematic skin.

How to use : Lather face wash gel with water between palms and massage over face and throat. After that, rinse and pat dry you skin.

My review:  The face wash gel have a very natural scent. Doesn't smell like those clinical products. It doesn't dry out my skin and my skin feel refresh and clean. Overall, it works fine with my skin. :) 

2.Perfect Daily Exfoliating Gel

Product benefit: Helps to exfoliate aging skin and weaken dark spots using pineapple, cucumber and white hazel extract.Apart from these, it helps to improve skins hydration.

How to use : After cleansing face, put gentle amount on face and gently massage for about 2-3 minutes until small pieces appear then wash away. 

My review:  Personally I thought exfoliating products usually have the micro beads, but Epiderme perfect daily exfoliating gel appear just like normal cleansing gel. It didn't take 2 mins for the white small pieces to appear. I just massage it for 5 seconds, the white pieces already started appears. After washing it, feel like my face a bit too squeaky clean.  Could it be because the products removed my dead skin? O.o  Anyway regarding weaken dark spots, I can't really verify it as I only use it once a week and so far I'm only using it for the second weeks. Maybe need to use it longer time only I can see the results. 

3.Acne Recovery Serum 

Product benefitAn effective formula of anti-inflammatory,anti-microbial and anti-bacterial ingredients combined with Salicylic Acid for clearer and balanced complexion. It prevents pore clogging, reduce inflammation and stimulates new cell growth

How to use : Apply twice daily ( morning and night ) after your toner. 

My review:  The texture is a bit too watery and quite hard for me to control the amount when pumping. However it did reduce my acne inflammation on my forehead when I apply it for one week. I also apply it on a small acne at my neck. It's worth trying if you have small acne and it can easily control the inflammation. 

4.Advanced Aqua Gel 

Product benefit: Helps to repairs and stimulates collagen to increase skin elasticity and hydrate skin instantly.

How to use : Apply twice daily ( morning and night ) after Acne Recovery Serum.

My review:  The texture is light and light pink in colour. I like the scent. It has the flowery scent which is quite refreshing. After apply, my skin doesn't appear oily as usually some of the moisturiser after applying for a few minutes, my face just feel sticky. I don't have the sticky feeling on my face for this product. Its easily absorbs to my skin. 

Overall, I think it's worthy trying Epiderme :). Been using it for two weeks, at least it doesn't cause new breakout on my skin. I hope my review can let you understand more about Epiderme products. You can visit their website and Facebook page for more detail and information.

Epiderme Website: http://epidermeskin.com
Epiderme Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Epidermeskin

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