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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Naraya Outlet in Gurney Paragon Penang

Naraya shop

To all the Naraya bag fans out there..Naraya is opening an outlet at Gurney Paragon, Penang. :) The shop is located on the second floor which is beside SASA shop.  I saw the shop when I went to Gurney Paragon last week during raya holiday. I was like " What the..I just carry and bought a few Naraya bags from my Bangkok trip last two month !! " . If I know they going to open a Naraya shop here, I won't be spending my time searching for the Naraya shop in Bangkok. 


From what I see, the price of the bags at Naraya Penang is almost the same as the one in Bangkok and they have the same design available as well. I guess from now one, most of the ladies going to buy from Naraya Penang instead of buying it from Bangkok and having the hard time carrying it back to Malaysia :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ume Skin Analyzer Review

Ever wander how is your skin condition? Is the skin dry or oily and izzit healthy ? Usually by knowing this, we can only determine what skin care products can help to improve our skin and have healthy skin. 

I know that my skin is very oily but don't know what's causing it. I can only check my skin condition with the skin analyzer machine at the skin care counter when I'm buying something from the counter from time to time. :( 

TODAY....HAHA..I going to introduce to you and do a simple review on a tool which I just bought..It's Ume skin analyzer. Its a small and cute tool that help me to analyse and understand my skin better anytime and anywhere. I order this tool from a clinic and bought it at RM 92. 

skin analyzer

They have two colour to select. Pink and White. I bought the pink colour one Y^^Y. 

This tool is very simple to use. With just three steps, I can directly measured and know my skin water content. With this tool, it help me to understand my skin Moisture, what is the water percentage, the Oiliness (skin type) and Roughness of my skin (dead cell thickness). One thing about this skin analyzer is that I can bring it anywhere as it's very small. Another thing is that with this tool, I can know which products help my skin. I can measure the skin before applying the product and re-measured my skin again after applying the product. 

This is my skin condition. :( As you can see, it's in terrible condition. I haven been doing my mask recently. What does this measurement tell me? It's telling me my skin is very dry with only 34% of water content and my skin is rough. This is not good!!!! RED ALERT!! Need to do more mask ..

Overall I think this beauty product it's worth to invest  :). 

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