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Friday, October 28, 2011

How to effectively remove smudged Eyeliner and Mascara

Hi ladies...Finally I can online back...been having problem with my line since last week and didn’t manage to update my blog.

Anyway, in today tips, I will should you how to effectively remove smudge eyeliner or mascara. Ever having this kind of problem when you doing the last touch of your makeup, you release that eyeliner or mascara smudge at the bottom of your eyelid? This time, if you choose to use makeup remover, you will have to put the foundation and concealer again and redraw the eyeshadow or eyeliner. This might not be a big issue if you are not in a rush but what if you are in a rush.

Here’s an easy to complete remove the smudged eyeliner and mascara without removing your foundation of concealer.

Take one cotton bud and apply a drop of liquid foundation (Any liquid foundation will do).

Dip the cotton bud with liquid foundation and use the cotton bud to gently sweep up around the smudged area. Wala! :)..The smudged eyeliner and mascara is gone. Say bye bye to them..

Smudged Eyeliner Removed

Smudged Mascara Removed

Hope the information above help. I learn this at a beauty expo in Penang Pisa Stadium last year.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eyelash Perm

Has anyone heard about Eyelash Perm? It caught my interest as I was browsing thru the deals on the website… I was wandering how they do it…Been doing some Google search and forum searching and here’s what I found.

The Eyelash perm trend first started around 2005 from the idea of hair curling. Most of tools they used for eyelash perm are using Eyelash Perm Rods or Eyelash Perm Clips for the curling (Small, Medium and Large Size) and Perm lotion to keep it permanent for 3 months. Here’s some of the example of eyelash perm method:

Below is some of the information I found from the forum (MalaysianBabes.net and Lowyat.net Forum):

1) You don’t have to apply mascara, false eyelashes every time or using eyelash curler.

2) It can last till 3 months and making your lash look natural curl up.

1. Eyelashes tend to drop easily. Not good for someone which have less eyelashes.

2. A lot of side effects such as eyes swollen, painful after perming.

3. Not suitable for those having short eyelashes.

After watching some of the videos in Youtube regarding eyelash perm, the first thing I came into my mind is one part of the scene in Final Destination 5 where the girl was doing laser eyes...LOL...You can say I’m timid…but to me...it seems dangerous..Especially eyes are one of the most important parts in our life. The information above is just a simple sharing of what I find and learn. Anyway, I think I’ll past this and stick to mascara.:)How about you? Please vote below..Thank you..

Would you Go for Eyelash Perm ?
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