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Friday, July 31, 2009

Shiseido skin care~~Freebies!

shiseido These are the second freebies which i got this month...;P I got these from the CLEO Magazine pg 148 for August issue...You need to fill up the coupon and bring it to any Shiseido Counter..Lucky for me..I went to the Shiseido Counter at Prangin Mall, Penang and got these four samples. The sales assistant was very helpful. She explains in detail for each of the sample and the most important thing, she didn't force me into buying the product. These were given based on my skin type: Oily Combination &Pimples.
I was given with:

I have try these out on the spot and i find the cleansing gel really work out well. When i rub off the cleansing gel with a facial cotton, i can see brownish dirt on the cotton...it really clean out all the dirt...The cleansing gel will only be apply at night...I would highly recommend this..^^

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

SKII Facial Treatment Essence Freebies ~~ !

treatment essence First, thanks to SKII for giving us a chance to tryout the SKII Facial Treatment Essence. =) I got this sample at early of July and manage to try it out for one week. I have oily combination skin. My face tends to get oily after a few hours. During my on week experience with SKII facial Treatment Essence, I can see some differences on my skin. It became less oily. At first i was worry that it might cause outbreak, but eventually during this one week try out, i have less pimples growing out. I apply it only at night after cleasing. I would recommend this to those having oily and dry skin condition. The 90% Pitera contain allow skin nourishment and it also works to balance the skin's pH and sebum secretion.

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