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Monday, February 24, 2014

My Lunch Order with FoodPanda

Hello everyone ...:) Chinese New Year and Valentine has just pass...Hope you have a nice holiday and Valentine :)

This year Valentine falls on Friday which is working day :( . My husband and I didn't really plan for any dinner on Valentine as it's will be jam to went out and most of the restaurants are reserved. So we plan to celebrate our Valentine on Saturday. Our plan is to have simple lunch at home and have our dinner at restaurant. 

My husband spend the whole morning painting the unused dresser which we get it from his father friend. We could use the dresser to keep our baby clothing :) Save up a lot of  money from the refurbish. I was too lazy to cook for our lunch and the weather outside is super hot.. so I choose to use online food delivery service which I just need to order online and wait for the food to be delivered to our house. It would save up a lot of time and I don't have to clean up my kitchen. 

Have you heard about Foodpanda ? I kind of found out about this food delivery service while surfing the web a couple of weeks ago. This is the first time i'm using this service. Foodpanda is an online food delivery portal which we can order food online from the restaurant in Malaysia and get it delivered to our house. They have more than 300 restaurants such as Sushi King, Kenny Rogers, TGI and etc to choose from. 

Since my husband is working so hard for the dresser, I'm thinking of giving him a nice treat for lunch :) The steps for ordering is simple. Before ordering, it's important that you sign up first as this is where you would key in your address for the delivery man to deliver the food to your house. 
Once you sign up, you just need to key in which city you staying in Malaysia and where is your house location. For me, there's a couples of restaurants near to my place. We have Kenny Rogers, TGI, New York Burger, Xuan Xin restaurants, Morganfields..and etc.

:) I choose TGI because it's been a long time since we went to TGI for the steak and my husband is the fan for steak. Once you selected the restaurant you want, click Go to Menu. 

It will display a lists of menu from you to choose from. The ordering time start from 11 am. I order 2 set of Ribeye steak from the menu. Upon ordering, it will display the total amount you need to pay including the delivery fee and 6% Goverment tax. Upon confirming the order, you click Preorder/Order. 

You can choose for them to deliver the food to your house or you can went to the restaurant for pickup. Well the main purpose i'm using the ordering service is I'm lazy to went out, so definitely I'll choose for delivery to my house :). Once you place the order, they went sent a verification code to your handphone. Key in the verification code to finalize the ordering. Within 30 minutes, they will call you to confirm the ordering. Usually it will take 1 hour for them to delivered the food.

I completed my ordering at 12.30 pm and around 12.50 pm, I received a call from Foodpanda to confirm the ordering. I estimate to receive my food around 2.00 pm. But after waited for 1 hours plus, the food has not yet arrive. I manage to get thru Foodpanda hotline around 3 pm to confirm my ordering and asking why izzit taking so long.  They says the food is on the way..I was like " What ? " The restaurant is just 30 min away from my house, why would it take so long. Anyway, delivery guy arrive with the food  around 3.30 pm..=="""" which is way off my estimation time. Just in case you wandering, the delivery guy is from Foodpanda but the packaging of the food is done by TGI.  Tada** this is how they pack the food. 


When I receive the food, the steak is still warm but the vege, herb rice and the smash potatoes are cold. :(. Anyway I like the way they pack the food. At least the food are not all messed up. They have the aluminium foil to keep the steak warm. After waiting for so long, it's time to dig in :) The steak is nice and my husband enjoy it very much  :) I didn't regret ordering the steak but regret ordering the vege as side dishes == cuz it taste weird. 

Overall, I think the food ordering service is easy to use but it take longer time to deliver the food that what they have stated in their website. The service did save me a lot of hassle to drive out  for food take away especially under the hot weather and I can avoid all the jam. At the same time we can still do our house core while waiting for the food :) 


From time to time, if you check at the website, there will be new restaurant added. As I remember I checked the website couples weeks ago, we only have starbucks, 7Eleven, Morganfield, but this week, new restaurants are added to the lists which provide me with more lists of food to choose from. I'm looking forward for more restaurant to be added in and hope they can improve more on the delivery time. :) Another thing is that they have an apps for iOS and Android iphone. We can directly download the apps and order it from our mobile anything we want. 

Hope you all enjoy reading thru my post..Till Then.



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Anisha Gupta said...

This was really sweet of you. To be frank, even when I'm too lazy or running out of time to cook I as well order from Foodpanda. The app is so easy to navigate and the food is delivered so fast and obviously the food is usually piping hot so all I need to do is serve and eat. This food app rocks.

Sony Kumari said...

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