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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Win Soon Cafe 亚顺生虾鱼头米

Hello Everyone :) Happy New Year 2014 and Happy Chinese New Year...

During the Thaipusam holiday, I manage to went to KL for a few days trip...Went there to do some shopping and eating ;) During my trip, I manage to went to Win Soon Cafe in Kuchai Lama to try their famous Fresh Prawn Fish Head MeeHoon.

My husband highly recommend it as he try it several time during his business trip to KL. He say it was really nice especially the soup that go with the big prawn. I was like " Really nice mer??" So I insist to go there to try it myself  during my trip to KL this time..ahaha

I reach there around 3 pm and the place is not so crowded. I think it's because pass lunch time which I think is good as  I don't think I can wait too long as I was super hungry that time. 

I like the supervisor  that working there as she is super nice and friendly..She pass us the food catalogue and in just a few second, she come to ask what we want to order. 

We order two bowl of Fresh Prawn Fish Head Meehoon, Veges and Fried Long So Prawn Ball.
In Just a few minutes, the food come. It was fast. :) 

I love the soup so much..the flavour of the soup is just perfect. The smell of the alcohol is not too light or too strong. But I'm not sure whether they put the normal xiao xing wine or the XO wine..ahah..but it's just nice.. the prawn is super big..keke..I like the fried fish head as well..It's well fried and cripsy though it don't have much meat. The price for one bowl of Fresh Prawn Fish Head Meehoon is RM 18.80. It's a bit pricey for a meehoon but I think it's because of the prawn. 

As for the Vege and Fried Long So Prawn ball, I would say the Vege (RM 5.80) and the prawn ball (RM 8.50)  are just normal. Nothing special..haha..I would highly recommend to try out the meehoon. They have other flavour as well..Tomyam flavour but I didn't see many people order the Tomyam..So I'm not sure how it;s taste. 

Overall, I think the Fresh Prawn Fish Head Meehoon is nice and would go try again when I went to KL next time :) 4 out of 5 for rating of the Meehoon. 

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

The Liebster Award !

Good morning everyone ^ ^...We're almost coming to the end of 2013...Christmas and New year eve is near..I got my present early this year..The Liebster Award ! :) 

Liebster Award is given out by blogger to another blogger to recognize the blogger and to discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogging sphere. 

I was happy to be nominated by Yokechiing. Thank you so much for the nomination and it give me the encouragement to continue blogging :) 

The simples rules of Liebster Award :

1. Thanks the person that nominated you :) and post a link to their blog in your blog
2. Answer the 11 questions which was posted to you by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominated 5-11 new bloggers and informed them that you have nominated them for the           Liebster Award.
4. Create a new 11 questions for the bloggers to answer.

Here's my answers to Yoke Ching questions :)

1.Like to know that when you start your blog?Why you start to blog?
    I started blogging three years ago. Reason to start blogging is to share my passion towards       makeup and beauty tips :)

2. Who is your favorite blogger?What make you love him/her?
     So far I haven found any favourite blogger yet. I read thru random blog 

3. Dress or pants?
     Definitely Dress :) but wear pants most of the time during working time.

4. Do you love travel? If yes, you prefer to travel in group or alone?
    I love to travel and I prefer travel in group.

5. Where do you prefer to go for travel? Why?
    So far the best place I went is Taiwan. I love the scenery there. It's relaxing.

6. Shopping and Outdoor activities which 1 you love most?
     Shopping. Not much of the sporty person :P

7. One thing you like about yourself.
     My eyes I guess..haha Cuz I can easily cover up the makeup 

8. If you are a billionaire, what will you do with your money?
    Do some charity and travel around the world ..

9. What will you do with your free time?
     Watching HK and TW Drama

10. What influenced most in your life?
       My dad..What he say and think can easily change my decision. 

11. In your own opinion, what is true? what is false?
       Nothing is true and false. Depend on how you look at it. 

Here's my Questions to those that I've nominated :

1. Prefer heavy makeup or Light Makeup ? Why?
2. What is your favourite movies in 2013? 
3. Do you believe in love at first sight?
4. Prefer relaxing at beach or shopping when go travelling? 
5. What is your skincare routine?
6. What are the topics you like to share with your reader?
7. Do you like christmas? If yes, what do you like about christmas?
8. Do you having a nice look or appearance is important when looking for job?
9. Do you think the news that reported in newspaper are always true?
10. Do you prefer working or studying?Why?
11. What would you do to release stress? 

Below are the 5 bloggers which  I nominated for Liebster Awards :) 

1. Cloey Teng
2. The wanderer's Journal by Christine
3. Jolynn Choong 
4. Live Life J.O.Y by Por Ying Ying
5. Stay Creamy Dreamy by Jinni

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